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USA Red wins EurOpen World Schools tournament

USA Red wins EurOpen World Schools tournament[caption id="attachment_33120" align="alignright" width="400"] USA Red, the winner of the tournament - © EurOpen[/caption] The EurOpen 2017 (taking place 9.11.-15.11.) was won by USA Red (Ella Michaels, Piper Doyle, Emily Grantham) from Opposition on the motion "THBT capitalism does more harm than good for women’s liberation". The final was judged by Anna England Kerr as chair together with Miha Andrič, Tracey Lee, Bedrich Bluma, Klaus-Peter Heil, Ann-Sophie Zeipekkis and  Devin van den Berg. Best speaker of the tournament was Samuel Wooddell from American Logos Glacier with an average of 73.13. Best ESL speaker was Brian Li from SAS China with an average of 72.35 speaker points. EurOpen is an annual World Schools ...
Dec 4th, 2017 | By | Category: international, News of debating clubs, Turniere | Comments Off on USA Red wins EurOpen World Schools tournament

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