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KCL/Bristol win Cardiff Open

KCL/Bristol win Cardiff Open[caption id="attachment_31732" align="alignright" width="171"] Cardiff Open Winners (Rebecca Tan left, Bailey Reid right) - © Craig McDonald[/caption] Congratulations to the team ‘Bailey’s white privilege’ (Bailey Reid, Rebecca Tan; KCL/Bristol) for winning the final of the Cardiff Open 2017. They won the final from Closing Opposition defeating ‘Oxford That Shakespeherian Rag’ (Richard Ngo, Steve Heo; Oxford) in Opening Government, ‘London University School College Economics London’ (Hamish Barker, Aiden Patrick; LSE/UCL) in Opening Opposition, and ‘Oxford Not Wong (literally – we’re not him)’ (Teck Wei Tan, Will Prescott; Oxford) on the motion "This House believes that marginalized groups should abandon respectability politics". The final ...
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Oxford & KCL win Centrale Open 2016

Oxford & KCL win Centrale Open 2016The team Bailey orders asian Teck-a-Wei (Teck Wei Tan & Bailey Reid, Oxford/KC London) won the final of Centrale Open 2016 from Opening Opposition. They won over Tilbury House Minions (Agnes Putri & Leonard Münstermann, Cologne) in Opening Government, There is but one God and He is not called Jesus (Dan Lahav & Muhammad Asadullah Khan, Tel Aviv/Cambridge) in Closing Government and Cardiff A (Raphael Hill & Calan Eskandar) in Closing Opposition on the motion "THBT the Democratic Party should take on a much more centre-leftist position and support a mass redistribution of wealth agenda". The final was judged by Harish Natarajan in chair, together with Sharmila Parmanand, Nika ...
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