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Bristol/Kyiv wins Astana Open

Bristol/Kyiv wins Astana OpenThe final of the Astana Open 2020 was won by the team Arie Potter and Ron Weasley (Arie Mora, Ron Leizrowice; Kiev/Bristol). Out of Closing Opposition, they defeated the Opening Government MDM A (Jason Woods, Maurice Coutiel; Edinburgh/London), Opening Opposition Astana is where I put my laptop (Eyal Horowitz, Boaz Katzir; Tel Aviv) and Closing Government we can do anything we put our minds to ???‍♀️✨just not this????‍♀️ (Daniela Williams, Isabelle Healy; Dublin). The debate on the motion "THBT the Kremlin should support Svetlana Tichanovskaya (incl. infoslide) was judged by Milla Huuskonen as chair, Aigerim Shadeyeva, Caoimhin Hamill, Dani Georgiev ...
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