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Professors compete with students in Münster

Professors compete with students in MünsterProfessors in competition with students - go to the Münster Schloss on April 28 to see them debate at 7:30 p.m. in room S8. On the professors' side, it will be Uwe Kanning (psychology), Bernhard Marschall (medical sciences) and Fabian Wittreck (law). From Debattierclub Münster, it is going to be Johanna Mai, Julian Schneider and Paul Zacheus. The audience will decide upon the motion between two suggestions: "Should the federal student support be granted due to grades?" or "Should English be introduced as language of instruction in German universities?" Teresa Widlok / apf / glx
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Retrospection on Berlin Invitational and Punk 2011

Retrospection on Berlin Invitational and Punk 2011 We’re sorry, this article is not or not yet available in English. Please read the German version.
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Münster gewinnt Berliner Punkturnier 2011 / Alle Themen im Überblick

Johanna Mai and Julian Schneider of Debattierclub Münster won Berlin Punk 2010. They faced in the final teams from Frankfurt, Münster and Magdeburg. Motions: Round 1: Dieses Haus würde eine Abstimmpflicht bei Volksentscheiden einführen. Round 2: Dieses Haus würde Organspenden nur noch an Menschen vergeben, die sich ebenfalls zu einer Organspende bereit erklärt haben. Round 3: Dieses Haus würde Briefe, Tagebücher und unveröffentlichte Manuskripte posthum nicht ohne die Einwilligung des/r SchriftstellerIn veröffentlichen. Round 4: Dieses Haus würde Menschen, die unter Alkoholkonsum ein Gewaltverbrechen begangen haben, den Alkoholkonsum verbieten. Round 5: Dieses Haus würde Einrichtungen verbieten, die eine Heilung von Homosexualität versprechen. Semis: Dieses Haus würde es Staaten verbieten, bei der Verteilung von Entwicklungshilfe ihre ehemaligen Kolonien zu bevorzugen. Final: Dieses Haus würde Menschen auch ...
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Show debate in Munster

“Elternalarm – Parents coming!” was the slogan in Münster in late October: Students’ parents were welcome to discover Münster – and the Debattierclub Münster was part of this. Various events were arranged at all Münster universities and colleges. The debating society presented themselves to the mothers, fathers and siblings with an abbreviated format: Two speakers on each side – pro and con – held their respective four minute speech to convince the audience. The motion read: “Credit points for going to the theater – How much culture can students bear?” One credit point should be achieved by visiting the cultural events ...
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