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What to expect at Cape Town WUDC 2019?

What to expect at Cape Town WUDC 2019?Five days ago the WUDC council announced that Cape Town won the vote to be WUDC host for 2019. We took the opportunity to ask the conveners about everything you might want to know. Have fun! Who are you and what's your role at Cape Town WUDC? [caption id="attachment_31168" align="alignleft" width="400"] Matthew Barry: External relations, debating and operations - © private[/caption] Matthew Barry: I'm one of the two co-conveners and I'm going to be hitting up the logistical side of things. I'm communicating with the tab team and doing the more debate-related stuff. That's what I'm handling. I study mechanical engineering and ...
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„Let’s not reinvent the wheel every year“ – Dessislava Kirova on South Africa’s bid for WUDC 2017

„Let's not reinvent the wheel every year“ – Dessislava Kirova on South Africa's bid for WUDC 2017South Africa is currently applying to host the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) in 2017. Should the bid be successful, Dessislava Kirova would form the Chief Adjudication panel, together with Gemma Buckley from Australia and Syed Saddiq from Malaysia. Anne Gaa spoke with her about her plans for the Worlds.Achte Minute: How did you get to be nominated by the South African OrgCom? Is there a special relationship between the German and South African debating communities?Dessislava Kirova: It was quite surprising. At the Paris Open 2013, I met someone who was, at that time, part of the organizing team. That connection ...
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