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Cardiff wins Swansea Open

Cardiff wins Swansea OpenThe team ‘Made in the Diff’ (Becky Wesson and Emma Meadows, Cardiff) won the Swansea Open.  They managed to win the final from Opening Opposition defeating ‘Swing B’ (Ieuan Skinner and Angus Rome, Swansea) in Opening Government, ‘Nid yw'n wir ein henw tîm’ (Catrin Richards, formerly Liverpool, and Craig McDonald, formerly Cardiff) in Closing Government and ‘First Opp Café’ (Aristed Kore, formerly Durham - due to illness, John Lewis was not able to take part in the final) in Closing Opposition on the motion ‘Assuming this Technology exists, This House would ban memory erasure technology’. [caption id="attachment_33554" align="alignright" width="320"] The winners ...
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