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WUDC 2016 in Thessaloniki

WUDC 2016 in ThessalonikiThe World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) is the largest international debating tournament. The first WUDC took place in Glasgow in 1981 in which only 43 teams from seven nations participated. This year, more than 440 teams from all continents compete for the title of World Debating Champion. The WUDC 2016 will take place in Thessaloniki, Greece. Two clubs cooperate to host the tournament: The Rhetoric Club of Thessaloniki, one of the oldest debating societies in Greece, and the Debating Society of Greece, a group of experienced Greek debate trainers and organisers that provides debate training to young people in universities. ...
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Debating comes home: The Thessaloniki WUDC 2016 bid in brief

Debating comes home: The Thessaloniki WUDC 2016 bid in briefAs we already reportet, Thessaloniki bids for WUDC 2013. With the lauch of their Website some more information are now available. Tournament Team Cap: 420 teams, Cap of 3 teams per institution Registration Fee: Maximum €400, to be reduced according to sponsorship Adjudication: Chief Adjudicator:Manos Moschopoulos Deputy Chief Adjudicators: Chris Bisset, Tasneem Elias  Policy Highlights 3 DCAs to be chosen after an application process in 2014 We are committed to ensuring that the adjudication core represents the diversity of regions, language statuses and genders that attend WUDC. We also recognise that appointing the best candidate may require a second person from a particular region €50000 in our worst-case scenario budget ...
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Thessaloniki bids for WUDC 2016

Thessaloniki bids for WUDC 2016When on Saturday a teaser video poped up in Facebook, promising that a "debate related event will take place in 2016" accompany by Syrtaki music, rumours araised that Greece will bid for World Universities Debating Championship 2016. The Debating Society of Greece and the Open Communication Debating Network then proudly presented the University of Macedonia bid for WUDC 2016 at the Cambridge IV. The Championship are to be held 27 December 2015 - 4 January 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The host city of Thessaloniki has been a metropolis of international standing since the Roman times, being an important trade ...
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