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“A mixture of a summer camp, UN-simulation and Gulag” – Memories of WUDC 2013 (Part 1)

"A mixture of a summer camp, UN-simulation and Gulag" - Memories of WUDC 2013 (Part 1)It’s been five years since the first WUDC in Germany took place. Teams from all over the world met in Berlin to determine the best debaters in the world. But how was it for the volunteers and organisers? We have asked some witnesses about their memories.  Florian Umscheid [caption id="attachment_33284" align="alignright" width="400"] © Henrik Maedler[/caption] At Worlds 2013, I was Chief of Runners. The ballot handing happened analog back then which meant that the running-team had to hand out 100 ballots to 100 rooms in six or seven buildings of the TU (Technical University) and collect them after in each round. My most ...
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