Glasgow Ancients and Glasgow Womens Open

Glasgow University Union 2017

Date: 07. Apr 17 - 09. Apr 17

Place: Glasgow University, Glasgow

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Host: Glasgow University Union Debating
Conveners: Doug Jack, Eilidh Sheach & Noémie Katerina Gauthier
Contact: guuancients2017 [at] gmail [dot] com

Format: British Parliamentary Style (BPS)
Rounds: 5 in-rounds + semi finals and final (Ancients), 4 in-rounds + final (Women's)
Team cap:
Chief adjudicators: Hannah Tyndall, Lucy Murphy, Kez Exley, Eoin MacLachlan, Nishith Hegde
Adjudicator rule: n-1
Special features: Two tournaments combined. Drop-out dead line for all teams is March the 10th. Payments should made by the 17th of March.

Reg fee: £40 per team (Ancients, UK), £ 30 per team (Ancients, international), £ 10 per team (Women's). Anyone who has registered a team for ancients is eligible for a free team for Glasgow Women's.
Registration: (Ancients, Team), (Women's, team), (Independent Adjudicator, Ancients), (Independent Adjudicator, Women's)

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