Imperial IV

Date: 07. Jul 18 - 08. Jul 18

Place: Imperial College Union Debating Society, London

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Host: Imperial College Union Debating Society
Conveners: Griffin Farrow, Becky Elkington and Alex Nielsen

Format: British Parliamentary Style (BPS)
Rounds: 5 rounds with open break to quarters and an ESL break to semis
Team cap:
Chief adjudicators:
Adjudicator rule: n - 1
Special features: NOT a strict IV. As long as one speaker on each team is still at uni this is fine, entirely open teams are not allowed, however, in the interest of fairness

Reg fee: £50 for UK teams and £25 for non-UK teams
Accomodation: NO crash available "as we are a small society living in London sized apartments :'( "
Registration: The drop out deadline is Saturday June 30th (exactly one week before the competition)

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