Mexico WUDC 2018

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Date: 27. Dec 17 - 04. Jan 18

Place: Mexico City, Mexico City

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Host: Asociación Mexicana de Debate
Conveners: David Alatorre, Montserrat Legorreta

Format: British Parliamentary Style (BPS)
Rounds: 9 preliminary rounds, breaks to EFL quarter finals, ESL semi finals and EPL partial double octo finals
Team cap: tba.
Chief adjudicators: Michael Dunn Goekijan (CA), Mifzal Mohammed (CA), Emma Johnstone (DCA), Sella Nevo (DCA), Wasifa Noshin (DCA), Steven Penner (DCA), Paul Smith (DCA), Evan Lynyak (DCA), Nicholas Ferenzin (ACA)
Adjudicator rule: n
Special features: additional Master's competition in Spanish

Reg fee: speakers and judges 520 USD/person, observers 1020 USD/person
Accomodation: Hotel
Registration: over

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