Masters’ Cup 2010: CA Team nominated / Registration closes September 3rd

Datum: Aug 25th, 2010
Category: DDG, Turniere, VDCH

Hannes Budelmann, president of Deutsche Debattiergesellschaft (DDG), the German alumni association for debaters, announced the CA team of Masters’ Cup 2010. Traditionally, one member each from VDCH and DDG executive boards are the chief adjudicators of Masters’ Cup. This year, this will be the recently elected president of VDCH Jan Lüken and Hannes’ deputy, DDG vice president Gudrun Lux. Hannes, who once has been co-convenor of Euros 2006 will be chief organiser of the alumni tournament.

The Masters’ Cup is the annual tournament which is staged at Eisenach since 2005. The venue for the final is the ballroom at the world heritage site Wartburg. The Masters’ style was specifically developed for the Masters’ Cup where teams will be allocated by drawing lots. In teams of two, every speaker gets a time of seven minutes. The jurors judge content, strategy and method equally. As speakers, all members of DDG as well as those awarded the DDG prize for the best junior speaker are welcome, while as judges, debaters from all societies are accepted. An overview over the past Masters’ Cups can be found on the re-designed DDG homepage.

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