Die Welt reports on show debate in Munich

Datum: Oct 28th, 2010
Category: News of debating clubs, Presseschau

The Newspaper Die Welt Kompakt reported on the show debate in Munich’s Atomic Café on 25 Ocotber. Die Welt’s author  Thomas Kletschke strongly emphasizes Lukas Windhager’s efforts, formerly treasurer of Debattierclub München. Kletschke on the debate with the motion “Manager in the morning, human being in the afternoon – we need a part time society”:

“It was especially Windhagers closing argument that was convincing. In a part time society, those working full time would be the cash cows of society. ‘We could not live the way we’d like – we would have to live the way we should,’ he explained. Thus, he changed the first impression one had about his contra fraction. In the end, 69 percent of the audience voted against the part time society.”

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