Professors won show debate in Mainz

Datum: Nov 12th, 2010
Category: News of debating clubs

Do we need Facebook & Co.? Do social networks make our lifes better?  Students and professors debated about these questions at the Debattierclub Johannes Gutenberg Mainz (DCJG)’s show debate on November 9th. While the students – Caroline Moll, Konrad Grießinger and Thore Wojke – tried to convince the audience that Facebook is dangerous and of no use, the professors – former German debating champion Hanna Proner and her collegues Oliver Quiring and Michael-Jörg Oesterle – said that the social networks on the internet are beneficial. About 250 people from the audience, hence the mayority, were convinced by the professors and voted for them – so the professors won this year’s match.

Katharina Tschirner / glx / apf

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