Professors against students – a public debate in Jena

Datum: Apr 28th, 2011
Category: News of debating clubs, Termine

On 28 April, three speakers from the Debattiergesellschaft Jena (DJG) will step into the ring against the three professors Stephan Lessenich (Sociology), Michael Dreyer (Political Science) and Stefan Strohschneider (Intercultural Business Communication). Jacob Horn, Friederike Meyer zu Wendischhoff and Severin Weingarten will be arguing on the student side.

The audience is to choose the topic and to nominate the winner of the debate. Suggested motions are “Vegetarianism for everyone – should meat consumption be banned?”, “Should worse pupils be supported more than better pupils?” and “Should the portrait rights be abandoned?”

The show debate starts at 20.15 pm in auditorium 3, located in Carl-ZeissStraße 3. Admission is free.

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