WUDC Berlin 2013: Feedback wanted

Datum: Oct 10th, 2011
Category: Turniere

All candidates have applied for the office of deputy chief adjudicator for the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC or Worlds) to be held in Berlin. Now the chief adjudicators Doug Cochran and Sharmila Parmanand require the help of the international debating circuit: Give your feedback on the candidates, among them Isabelle Loewe (Bonn) and Ben Woolgar (Oxford)! The full list is available on the blog of WUDC Berlin 2013.

Doug and Sharmila point out that they will not accept anonymous feedback and promise that all e-mails will be treated strictly confidentially. They also ask all of you to put special focus on the the following when giving feedback.

  1. Organisational Ability: Is the candidate a capable administrator and organiser? Do they work well as part of team? When part of adjudication teams, do they rank, promote, and break judges on the basis of merit?
  2. Skill as an Adjudicator: Is this person a top adjudicator, scrupulous in reaching the correct decision and willing to invest time in quality feedback?
  3. Skill as a Motion-Setter: Does the candidate set motions that are fair and fun to debate?

Please send your mails to both chief adjudicators until October 25: s [dot] parmanand [at] wudcberlin [dot] com und d [dot] cochran [at] wudcberlin [dot] com.

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