Kyiv Open 2012

Datum: Aug 4th, 2012
Category: Termine, Turniere

Have you ever been to Kyiv? The Kyiv Open is to be held the 5th time this year on september 28 to 30. It is hosted by the Ukrainian Youth non-governmental organization Debate Academy. Language of the tournament by the river Dnieper is English, the format will be BPS. Registration fees are 15 Euros for members of the Ukrainian Debate Academy, 30 Euros for all other debaters and 15 Euros for judges. Participants are offered accommodation, meals and transfer around Kyiv. The team cap is 40, the convenors insist on the n-1 rule. The Kyiv Open offers five prelims, semis and a final.Chief adjudicator is Michael Shapira (Israel). Do you need more arguments to visit Kyiv? Just register right now.  Registration is open already until August 15 , follow this link to register teams and follow this link to register as adjudicator. Any questions? Write to KyivOpen [at] gmail [dot] com.


  • Kyiv Open 2012
  • September 28 to 30
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • BPS, English
  • 5 prelims, semis, final
  • Registration fees: 30 Euros / 15 Euros
  • CA: Michael Shapira
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