I pack my bags and take…: An EUDC-Guide for Beginners

Datum: Aug 10th, 2016
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Coming Sunday at the 14th August the European Debating Championship 2016 will take place in Warsaw and, as usual, the Achte Minute will be there to report. But for now the big question is not yet who managed to break but rather what to bring along. As a wonderful German proverb states: “Life ain’t no pony yard” – it means that life isn’t easy. Most participants have to pack their own bags, since mother or father don’t do it for them anymore. So we want to have a chat out of the sewing box with you about things we deem useful for traveling in general and to the EUDC or WUDC in specific.

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  • Important travel documents, Cash, Credit Card: Personal ID, passports and means to pay are always important when traveling abroad. You should also bring transportation tickets, your health insurance card and important addresses as well as emergency contacts.

  • The right clothes: How is the weather going to be? Are there events that need special clothing? According to current weather reports, a week beforehand, it’s going to be between 10°C and 20°C with a good chance of rain.

  • Technology: Mobile device with charger, headphones, camera, adapters. Poland uses power outlets not compatible to normal plugs from Germany. Adapters can often be borrowed from the reception of hotels, but having your own is still the most convenient.

  • Travel comfort: Books, games, travel guides, a pillow, ear plugs. Remember to put these in your hand luggage if you go by plane.

  • Sanitary needs: As a four star hotel the accomodation of the participants in Warsaw will have towels as well as shampoo and other stuff. Bring what you want to have in your daily routine. Make-up, feminine hygiene products, perfume, cologne, shaving kits or nail clippers might also come in handy. Plus: Don’t forget prescription medicine! And, of course, some of you might want to take condoms with them.

  • Social stuff: It’s always nice to have some equiptment for short breaks with your new friends (or delegation, if you’re rather shy). Some quick card games might be fun to play while talking. They can also be used to play drinking games in hotel rooms, of course. Alcohol for personal use (max. 10 ltr.) is allowed to be carried without any special procedure across EU internal borders (source: Link). Just in case some of you were wondering. You hopefully won’t need that much for yourself, but you might make new friends and want to share some specific national drink with them late at night in a hotel room party.


  • Break night: Wednesday evening in a week the Break will be announced at the social, casual party clothing will suit the event.

  • Championship Dinner: From neutral trousers with a white shirt to smoking with tie for men and equally neutral trousers with a blouse to posh cocktail dresses for women almost everything will be worn there. Don’t worry too much about the dress code, bring something you feel comfortable in – despite dress codes noone was excluded from socials on former EUDCs and WUDCs so far.

  • Debating gear: What would a tournament be without your favourite highlighter? Writing pads, pencils, pens, an encyclopedia, a collection of case files, bring everything you want to have for a debate and plan for a long tournament.

The Achte Minute wishes you good luck for the EUDC! Have a good time in Warsaw!



Das Mittwochs-Feature: Every Wednesday at 10.00 a.m. the Mittwochs-Feature features some idea, interview or book regarding debate – usually in German, sometimes in English, sometimes both. If you would like to start a debate please mail us your idea to team [at] achteminute [dot] de.

Anne Gaa studies in Göttingen and is active debate member at the Debattierclub Georgia Augusta e.V. Before moving to Göttingen she studied in Heidelberg, where she started debating at the Debating Club Heidelberg e.V. As a speaker and adjudicator Anne broke into some finals. She also visited some WUDC and EUDC.

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2 Kommentare zu “I pack my bags and take…: An EUDC-Guide for Beginners”

  1. Johannes Tensor says:

    Thank you very much for your article, Anne. It’s good to discuss a list of possible necessities to be used at the euros. However i find it’s a little bit too gynocentric for my taste. Also you forgot to mention condoms. In the end I appreciate your effort and hope you have a good time in Warsaw.

    Another note: The plugs used in Poland are semi-compatible to German plugs. Most chargers use Europlugs which are compatible to the German or French/Polish system and if your device uses a “Schuko”-Plug, mostly it will be compatible with the French Type E system if it’s a CEE 7/7 plug (Roughly: It has to be a Schuko-Plug with a little hole in it as seen here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Schuco_Stecker_db.jpg).

    1. Lennart Lokstein says:

      Condoms! Of course! *facepalm* We’ll add that immediately, thank you for the hint! Same goes for the excourse on chargers, which I fear is too long to keep the article handy.

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