Lund IV 2016

Datum: Sep 19th, 2016
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Title picture Lund IV 2016From Friday, December 2nd, to Sunday, December 4th, the Lund IV 2016 will be hosted in Lund.

The tournament is international, therefore it will be held under British Parliamentary Style (BPS) rules with English as the spoken language. It consists of 5 preliminary rounds, followed by quarter finals, semi finals and a final. Also, it includes a novice break. The CA-Team consists of Olivia Sundberg Diez and Michael Dunn Goekjian.

Questions may be directed to lundiv2016 [at] gmail [dot] com.

The information on the tournament in a nutshell:

  • Date: 2-4 December, 2016
  • Host: Lund Debate Society
  • Accomodation: Hotel
  • Registration: Online Formular
  • Registration fee: 750 SEK
  • Adjudicator rule: n-1
  • Format: BPS
  • Rounds: 5 preliminary rounds, quarter finals, semi finals and final, novice break
  • Chief Adjudicators: Olivia Sundberg Diez and Michael Dunn Goekjian
  • Teamcap: 60

For more information check out the Facebook page of the tournament.



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  1. Konrad Tübingen says:

    In der Kurzübersicht ist beim Datum etwas schiefgelaufen.

    1. Johannes Meiborg says:

      Danke für den Hinweis, ist korrigiert.

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