Munich/Friedrichshafen wins Tilbury House IV

Datum: Nov 28th, 2016
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Philipp Müller und Calyxx Peucker, Gewinner des Tilbury House IVs 2016 - © Katharina Heinrich

Philipp Müller and Calyxx Peucker  – © Katharina Heinrich

Such a nasty team“ (Calyxx Peucker, Friedrichshafen and Philipp R. Müller, Munich) won the final of the Tilbury House IV in Closing Government.

They defeated Münster F (Marc-Andre Schulz and Marcel Jühling) in Opening Government, TU Delft (Wissam Chalabi and Ina Vollmer) in Opening Opposition and Nerds on Tour (Lucy Lester and Alex, Maastricht) in Closing Opposition on the motion “THR the decision of Clinton supporters in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 US election to frame the Trump victory as the result of misogyny and racism and not opposition to the political establishment and/or neoliberalism”.

The final was judged by Duncan Crowe as chair and Leonard Münstermann, Aline Fleetwood, Helena Hecke and Sterre Fest in the panel.

Wissam Chalabi from TU Delft was announced best speaker of the tournament with an average of 78.8 speaker points.

The break:

1. Such a Nasty Team (Calyxx Peucker and Philipp R. Müller) 13 team points
2. Munster F (Marc-Andre Schulz and Marcel Jühling, Münster) 11 team points
3. Are you fucking great yet? (Samuel Scheuer, Bayreuth and Marius Hobbhahn, Tübingen) 11 team points
4. The Flying Dutchgirls (Milka Gerovska, Macedonia and Annabelle van Beusekom, Berlin) 11 team points
5. Nerds on Tour (Lucy Lester and Alex, Maastricht) 11 team points
6. UDS Alcohol is the Answer (Pieter van der Veere and Jelte Schievelz, Utrecht) 10 team points
7. TU Delft (Wissam Chalabi and Ina Vollmer, Delft) 10 team points
8. Paris A (Abby Johnston and Anne Gasper, Paris) 10 team points

Judge break: Johan Båge, Melda Eren, Duncan Crowe, Aline Fleetwood, Leonard Mü, Helena Hecke, Matthias Carcasona, Jan-Gunther Gosselke, Vesela Krastanova, Katharina Heinrich, Christian Rausch, Sterre Fest, Catarina Guo and Vera Liu.

The Tilbury House IV 2016 took place from the 25th to 27th November 2016 in the University of Cologne. It was organized by the Tilbury House Senior Council, with special thanks to Agnes Putri.

The CA Team consisted out of Melda Eren, Johan Båge and Duncan Crowe.


R1: Info Slide: A plaintiff (claimant, pursuer) in a civil case is often entitled to damages if they win the case. Third parties, in most jurisdictions, cannot sue on another‘s behalf. If they could buy the right to sue they would be able to do so and would gain an entitlement to whatever legel remedy the court offers.

THW allow plaintiffs to sell to third parties their right to sue.

R2: THR the prominence given to celebrity endorsments of politicians and political parties.

R3: THW apply an environmental tax to cheap mass-produced clothing

R4: Info Slide: WestWorld is a live action simulation world where visitors live out a Wild West adventure experience in a world populated by realistic humanlike androids. These androids inhabit various stereotyped roles e.g; bartender, farmer, prostitute but with realistic simulated personalities. Visitors can explore the world through scripted adventures. Visitors are allowed to choose whether to explore the world as a hero or, if they prefer, as a purely self-interested, hedonistic villain. Androids harmed in the world exhibit realistic emotional responses. Pleasures experienced in the world are very real. Advocates for the park say it allows you to explore your true self. The decision of what pathway to take is signified by their choice of hat in the induction process: white for hero, black for villain.

TH, as a female visitor to WestWorld, would choose to wear a black hat.

R5: Info Slide: Vernacular schools are schools which teach primarily in a language of a minority group other than the official, national language (e.g. Chinese and Indian language schools in Malaysia)

THBT developing nations with ethnically diverse populations should prohibit vernacular schools.

SF: THBT NATO should create a ‘safe zone’ in rebel-held territory within Syria.

F: THR the decision of Clinton supporters in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 US election to frame the Trump victory as the result of misogyny and racism and not opposition to the political establishment and/or neoliberalism.


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  1. Samuel Scheuer says:

    Das wurde zwar auf den Facebook-posts zensiert aber das Team von Marius und mir hieß eigentlich “Are you fucking great yet?”

    1. Lennart Lokstein says:

      Erledigt, danke.

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