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Datum: Dec 23rd, 2016
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This lovely picture from Warsaw EUDC 2016 can now be seen at the new facebook page. - © Kuba Mozolewski

This lovely picture from Warsaw EUDC 2016 can now be seen at the new facebook page. – © Kuba Mozolewski

In the new year the Achte Minute will strongly expand the international (English) section. Changes include the following areas:

The international editory is growing

In preparation of our expansion we recruited some editors for the international section over the last months. Those are not necessarily German speaking because we want and need voluntary editors all across Europe. We are looking forward to introducing Achte Minute at WUDC and hope to meet more future editors soon. If you are reading this and are interested, please contact us: team [at] achteminute [dot] de – or simply approach us at the WUDC or any other event we are present.

The English and German calendars are now separated

This allows both sections to still be practical, even if we feature many events per weekend and language. On top, our new international editors do their best to keep it filled with all the events and information you need to plan your next debate year. Check out the new purely English calendar!

The facebook page got separated

Since posts could only be written in one language and got distributed to everyone, people who aren’t interested in both languages got a lot of unnecessary information which they sometimes could not even understand. To change this, we added a second page which will announce all posts relevant for the European circuit and in English. Best like it right away!

In the future you will see:

  • broad coverage of European tournament results
  • a calendar featuring all important debate events
  • ideas for discussion, interviews & perspectives from different European circuits
  • a working export function for the calendar (it’s not fully functional yet but will be in a few weeks)
  • smoothing of a few smaller parts of the new website layout that still needs to be done
  • everything else we and the community can contribute – just tell us what you’d like to see or write


And finally: Thank you and merry christmas to our technicians Philipp Stiel and Alexander Osterkorn who worked hard over the last weeks to get our ideas and wishes done before the upcoming WUDC.


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