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How can we improve judging for women?

How can we improve judging for women?In this week's feature, Helena Hecke investigates the issue of women not being taken serious in adjudication discussions, along with some suggestions to fix it. ...
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We are looking for new reporters!

We are looking for new reporters!Since we just started expanding our coverage across the European circuit, we are looking for new reporters from as many countries attending European tournaments as possible. This includes IONA, Israel and everyone else feeling part of the circuit. (For members of other circuits there is more information about regional coverage at the bottom of this post.) Basically, all we do is on a voluntary basis and not much is required to become part of the Achte Minute team: You'll need motivation and basic English skills (all articles will be reviewed before publishing them anyways). Everything else, like the technical use of the ...
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English section expanding

English section expanding[caption id="attachment_30718" align="alignright" width="400"] This lovely picture from Warsaw EUDC 2016 can now be seen at the new facebook page. - © Kuba Mozolewski[/caption] In the new year the Achte Minute will strongly expand the international (English) section. Changes include the following areas: The international editory is growing In preparation of our expansion we recruited some editors for the international section over the last months. Those are not necessarily German speaking because we want and need voluntary editors all across Europe. We are looking forward to introducing Achte Minute at WUDC and hope to meet more future editors soon. If you are reading ...
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The WUDC – Wealthy Uptown Debaters’ Championship

The WUDC - Wealthy Uptown Debaters' ChampionshipThe WUDC - World Universities Debating Championship - are hosted annually around New Year and decide, who will become the english speaking university debating champions in one of three language categories. [caption id="attachment_28793" align="alignleft" width="400"] An Komfort völlig ausreichend? Jugendherberge in Tübingen // Sufficient comfort? Youth hostel in Tübingen // © Lennart Lokstein[/caption] In the German (in this article meaning: German speaking language region - primarily Germany, Austria and Switzerland) debate szene international tournaments aren't really important. The WUDC 2013 in Berlin and the EUDC 2015 in Vienna may have risen attention and as far as I'm informed the number of VDCH ...
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