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Datum: Jan 2nd, 2017
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Since we just started expanding our coverage across the European circuit, we are looking for new reporters from as many countries attending European tournaments as possible. This includes IONA, Israel and everyone else feeling part of the circuit. (For members of other circuits there is more information about regional coverage at the bottom of this post.)

Basically, all we do is on a voluntary basis and not much is required to become part of the Achte Minute team:

You’ll need motivation and basic English skills (all articles will be reviewed before publishing them anyways). Everything else, like the technical use of the page, is quite intuitive and can easily be understood. Of course, you’ll get introduced to the functions by our more experienced team members, first.

Part of the team at a meeting last summer - maybe you have seen some of them at WUDC already? - © VDCH

Part of the team at a meeting last summer – maybe you have seen some of them at WUDC already? – © VDCH

Our core business consists of:

  • offering space for discussion of new debate related ideas, interviews, etc.
  • announcing debate related news


If you are potentially interested in becoming part of our team, please write a brief message and let us know, either on facebook or via email to team [at] achteminute [dot] de. If you are at Worlds, we can probably even meet right away. If that is not possible or you contact us after Worlds, we will probably meet via Skype etc.

Further information for members of other debate circuits than the European:
We historically are a German debate magazine and decided to expand coverage to a European level, which we prepared and launched for this WUDC. However, at Worlds we already got asked for an Asian section too. This came unexpected for us, but we are open towards the idea and would like to support debating and connect people all around the World. What we will easily be able to offer is a new section in our calendar if you want one, but we need people from the region in question to screen for tournaments and gather the information necessary to keep it actualized. We can also feature tournament reports, but since all of our team members so far are stationed around Europe, we can’t offer much coverage unless you guys help us building up a second regional team consisting of people visiting Asian tournaments regularly. So for all those who aren’t part of the European circuit but would like a section for their region: Please contact us, and depending on the amount of interested volunteers we will figure out what – at the moment – is doable with that amount of people.


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