Leiden wins Lund IV 2016

Datum: Dec 8th, 2016
Category: International, Turniere

We are here because we didn’t have a cancellation agreement“ (Jeroen Wijnen and Roel Becker, Leiden) won the final of the Lund IV in Opening Opposition.

Debating the motion “THB that nuclear weapons have made the world a safer place.”, they defeated “Belgrade A” (Ilija Ivanišević and Đorđe Jovićević) in Opening Government, “UCD Law A” (Adam Stairs and Aodhan Peelo) in Closing Government and “Cambridge CK” (George Clay and Muhammad Asadullah Khan) in Closing Opposition. The full debate is available on Youtube.

Best speaker was Aodhan Peelo (UCD Law A) with an average of 82.6 points.

From left to right: CAs Olivia Sundberg Diez and Matti X, novice final winners X and X, and CA Michael Dunn Goekijan - © Sofiya Miskova

From left to right: CAs Olivia Sundberg Diez and Matti Bryder, novice final winners Simon Sällström and Jakub Pawlowski, and CA Michael Dunn Goekjian – © Sofiya Miskova

In the novice final, local team “Lundaboyz in da hood” (OG, Jakub Pawlowski and Simon Sällström) won against “Lund A” (OO, Linus Olin and Booy Faassen), “Sarcastic Fantastic” (CG, Chantal Girishan and Yrsa Ringman) and “The Scrubs” (CO, Rasmus Peter Winding and Nikolai Janssen) on the motion “This house believes that the states should enforce contracts signed before marriage that agree to punish infidelity.”

Open break:

1. Cambridge CK (George Clay and Muhammad Asadullah Khan) 13 team points
2. UCD Law A (Adam Stairs and Aodhan Peelo) 13 team points
3. Belgrade A (Ilija Ivanišević and Đorđe Jovićević) 12 team points
4. We are here because we didn’t have a cancellation agreement (Jeroen Wijnen and Roel Becker) 12 team points
5. Simmer down, son (Gustaf Lundgren and Jesper Eriksson) 11 team points
6. Star spangled banter (Pierce Ricketts and Karl-Henrik Smith) 11 team points
7. Settle down, sweetie (Valtteri Walldén and Rita Chudnovskaya) 10 team points
8. Bonjour Madame (Aion Feehan and Mehdi Thomas) 10 team points
9. The backup (Pelle Keulen and Rebecca Mikova) 10 team points
10. Counterprop communism (Alexander Chen and Susan Win) 10 team points
10. Rotterdam A (Emma Van der Horst and Luuk Nugteren) 10 team points
12. Haramb A (Richard Hunter and Gillis Holgersson) 9 team points
13. Denmark is slightly nicer (Jonas No Sjølund and Clara Grønborg Juul) 9 team points
14. What would Hamilton do? (Ike Lieshout and Lydia Vlagsma) 9 team points
15. Aalto Z (Adnan Abdi and Sara Halonen) 9 team points
16. RVYY A (Joona Suhonen and Aino Tuohimaa) 9 team points

Novice break:

1. Lundaboyz n da hood (Jakub Pawlowski and Simon Sällström) 8 team points
2. Lund A (Linus Olin and Booy Faassen) 8 team points
3. Sarcastic Fantastic (Chantal Girishan and Yrsa Ringman) 8 team points
4. The Scrubs (Rasmus Peter Winding and Nikolai Janssen) 8 team points

Judge Break: Olivia Sundberg Diez, Michael Dunn Goekjian, Matti Bryde, Martin Devenney, Alex Moise, Johan Båge, Joshua Bailey, Jamie Jackson, Milla Huuskonen, Dean Foley, Cas Hariri, Calyxx Peucker, Agnes Putri, Roelinde Bosch van Suchtelen, Lennart Lokstein, Simone Hoogveld, Niklas Grabowski, Nicola Harvey and Jan-Gunther Gosselke.

The Lund IV 2016 took place from 2nd to 4th December 2016 in Lund, Sweden. It was organized by convenors Mathias Andersoon and Lara Hollmann.

The CA Team consisted of Olivia Sundberg Diez, Matti Bryder and Michael Dunn Goekjian. The best VDCH teams were Octopocalypse (Vienna, Miri Muntean and Ingo Bandhauer) and Veni Vidi Whipi (Cologne, Artem Korchemsky and Frederic Tillmanns) with 8 teampoints. Breaking VDCH judges were Lennart Lokstein, Calyxx Peucker, Jan-Gunther Gosselke and Agnes Igneza.


R1: THW ban all advertising of pharmaceutical and medical products to the public. 

R2: In areas with high foreign language populations, THW use second language lessons in schools to teach the most commonly spoken language in that area

(e.g. in areas with high Turkish populations in Germany, one would teach Turkish in classes currently focuses on learning English as a second language)

R3: Info Slide: A free trade zone is an area where barriers to trade are removed. This typically means no tariffs on trade, a ban on states supporting domestic industry over international and some degree of common regulation.

THBT African states should create an all-Africa free trade zone.

R4: THBT all museums should offer to return all exhibits to their country of origin.

R5: TH, as Sweden, would pay countries near conflict zones to settle refugees rather than accepting new refugees in Sweden.

QF: THW allow medical practitioners not to perform specific treatments or procedures for religious reasons.
Recordings are available here, here and here.

SF: THW grant total self-governance to indigenous communities, e.g. the Inuit in Alaska or the Saami in Sweden.
Recordings are available here and here.

F: THB that nuclear weapons have made the world a safer place.
A recording is available here.

NF: This house believes that the states should enforce contracts signed before marriage that agree to punish infidelity.
A recording is available here.


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