Swansea Alumni win the Swansea Open

Datum: Feb 13th, 2017
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Winners of the Swansea Open 2017: Liam Dodd (left), Ieuan Skinner (right) - © Craig McDonald

Winners of the Swansea Open 2017: Liam Dodd (left), Ieuan Skinner (right) – © Craig McDonald

The team “Alternative Facts A (Ieuan Skinner & Liam Dodd, Swansea) won the final of the Swansea Open 2017 from Closing Government. They won over Birmingham That’s So Rosie (Tommy Cave & Rosalie Butcher) in Opening Government, Generic Team Name (Sophie Johnstone, Cardiff, & Ryan F., Hull) in Opening Opposition, and The Craig David Comeback Tour  (Craig McDonald, Cardiff & David Larke, Nottingham Trent) in Closing Opposition on the motion “THR the rise and domincance of aspirational narratives in western politics“.

The final was judged by Paige Skinner in chair, together with Marcus Lea, Joe Osbourne, Megan Thomas, Ben Falkner, Lucy Murphy, and Jack Stanley.

Best speaker was Tommy Cave with an average of 81.75 speaker points.

Emma Meadows was announced best novice speaker with an average of 74 speaker points.

Organizer of this year’s edition was Bethan Nankivell. The CA team consisted of Lucy Murphy and Jack Stanley and the tournament was held on Saturday 11th February.

The Break:                                                                                                               

  1. Birmingham That’s So Rosie (Tommy Cave, Rosalie Butcher) – 11 Points
  2. Alternative Facts A (Ieuan Skinner, Liam Dodd, Swansea) – 8 Points
  3. Generic Team Name (Sophie Johnstone, Ryan F., Cardiff/Hull) – 8 Points
  4. The Craig David Comeback Tour (Craig McDonald, David Larke, Cardiff/Nottingham Trent) – 8 Points

The Motions:

Rd 1: This House regrets the resignation of David Cameron as PM of the UK.

Rd 2: This House believes that religious leaders (e.g.; Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope) shouldn’t comment on political matters (e.g.; National elections, International relations, UN policies etc.)

Rd 3: This House believes that EU member states should end all negotiations with Turkey regarding EU membership, and deny membership.

Infotext: There are currently 28 member states in the EU. To join the EU a country must be accepted individually by each member state. Turkey entered negotiations to gain membership in 2005. The Turkish Foreign minister has expressed a desire for a final answer from the European Heads of States.

Rd 4: This House would remove the ‘Special Classification’ for killing/harming a police officer.

Infotext:‘Special Classification’ is increased sentencing for a crime committed against a police officer. E.g.; Assaulting a police officer carries a higher sentence than assaulting a citizen In some states in America the death of a police officer can result in the death penalty.

Final: This House regrets the rise and dominance of aspirational narratives in western politics.


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