Poznan and LSE win Cracow Open 2017

Datum: Mar 13th, 2017
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Willam Wildi (left) and Stanisław Stefaniak (right), Winners of Cracow Open 2017 - © KDPUJ

Willam Wildi (left) and Stanisław Stefaniak (right), Winners of Cracow Open 2017 – © KDPUJ

The Cracow Open 2017 was won by the mixed team I am your Stan (Stanisław Stefaniak/Poznan, William Wildi/LSE) from Closing Opposition. They debated in the final against Mainor A (Oskar Gross, Kaspar Kelder) in Opening Government, Pun (Ben Shaw/GUU alumnus, Mirijana Muntean/DK Wien) in Opening Opposition and AGKŚ (Alexander Starchurski, Mateusz Wójtowicz – Warsaw) in Closing Government on the motion “This House welcomes the commercialisation of national symbols”. The final was adjudicated by Alex Moise (chair) together with Harish Natarajan, Karolina Partyga, Calyxx Peucker and Cheryl Nazik.

Wiliam Wildi was declared best speaker of the tournament with an average of 79,40 speaker points. CAs of Cracow Open were Harish Natarajan, Karolina Partyga and Stefan Siridzanski and Alex Moise was the equity officer. The tournament was organized by Jan PacanMateusz WęcUla Małecka and Klaudia Maciejewska from Klub Debat Parlamentarnych.

A video recording of the final can be found on the facebook page of Klub Debat Parlamentarnych, as well as recording of several workshops held by the CAs prior to the tournament.

Team break:

  1. I am your Stan (Stanislaw Stefaniak/Poznan, William Wildi/LSE) 14 points
  2.  No US Examples Plz (John Kay, Riley Collins -LSE) 11 points
  3. Pun (Ben Shaw/GUU alumnus, Mirijana Muntean/DK Wien) 11 points
  4. Nobody Expects The Eastern European Backlash (Radoslaw Czekan, Karolina Machalska – Cracow) 11 points
  5. Lady & The Trump (John Tsopanis/NCHL alumnus, Elisabeth Vikydal/DK Wien) 10 points
  6.  Mainor A (Oskar Gross, Kaspar Kelder) 10 points
  7.  NYUAD A (Dominique Lear, Jacob Akascha Hartwig) 10 points
  8.  AGKŚ (Mateusz Wójtowicz, Alexander Stachurski – Warsaw) 9 points

Adjudicator break:

Weronika Mincewicz-Podrecka, Harish Natarajan, Karolina Partyga, Lamine Kane, Christine Shao, Alex Moise, Tanya Srivastava, Calyxx Peucter, Konrad Kiljan, Frederik Julian Tillmans, Cheryl Nazik, Stefan Siridzanski


Round 1: THW prohibit the transfer of football players outside their home leagues until the age of 26.

Round 2: THBT the state should provide housing to all homeless individuals, without any demands or conditions.

Round 3: THS the United States use of aggressive actions (including direct military interventions, supporting militant groups, inciting coups) to fight radical left and communist governments in Latin America during the Cold War.

Round 4: You have found irrefutable evidence that God does not exist. This House Would Publish the Evidence.

Round 5:  Info Slide: Porn 2.0 refers to pornographic websites featuring user-generated content. This includes streaming sites, such as RedTube or Xvideos or live chat rooms, such as LiveJasmin.
Motion: TH regrets the rise of porn 2.0.

Semi Final: TH regrets the free movement of labour in the EU.

Grand Final: This House welcomes the commercialisation of national symbols.


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