Tel Aviv/Munich win Erasmus Rotterdam Open

Datum: May 1st, 2017
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Congratulations to ‘William of Orange is the New Black’ (Monica Forman, Tel Aviv, and Melda Eren, Munich

Erasmus Rotterdam Open Image

Monica Forman and Melda Eren – (c) Craig McDonald

and UDCH) for winning the Open Final of the Erasmus Rotterdam Open 2017. They won the final from Opening Government defeating ‘She’s not that mean in prep.’ (Romée Lind and Jop Flameling, no institution) in Opening Opposition, ‘Devid’ (Devin van den Berg and David Metz, Leiden) in Closing Government, and ‘Privileged Angry Men’ (Philipp R. Mueller, Munich, and Calyxx Peucker, UDCH) in Closing Opposition on the motion ‘This House Regrets the dominance of the narrative of pushing yourself to your limits’.

The Final was judged by Craig McDonald in the chair, and Dean Foley, Milla Huuskonen, Emma van der Horst, and Michael Tai on the panel.

Further congratulations goes to ‘Ironically running nuclear war’ (Angela Caredda and Dino Wildi) for winning the Novice Final of the tournament. They won the final from Opening Government defeating ‘(Chains and) Whips Excite Me’ (Alexandria Sisson and Mohvindh Manirajah) in Opening Opposition, ‘THW regret being OG’ (Byron Dolon and Hyunku Zuco Kim) in Closing Government, and ‘Please no OG’ (Fenna ten Haaf and Nam Quang Du) in Closing Opposition on the motion ‘This House believes that criminal justice policy should be outsourced to technocrats instead of elected representatives’.

The Novice Final was judged by Dean Foley in the chair, and Roel Becker, Matilde Lourenço, André Carvalho, and Kristian Lindved Jensen on the panel.

The Top Speaker of the tournament was Monica Forman with an average of 83 and the Top Novice Speaker was Alexandria Sisson with an average of 77.2.

The CA team consisted of Michael Tai, Roel Becker, Emma van der Horst, Ilija Ivanišević, Milla Huuskonen, and Brian Wong who was unable to attend the tournament. The tournament was held over the days of April 22nd and April 23rd.

The Break:


  1. William of Orange is the New Black (Monica Forman, Tel Aviv/Melda Eren, Munich and UDCH) – 15 points
  2. Devid (Devin van den Berg/David Metz, Leiden) – 12 points
  3. UDS Dinobabies (Danique van Koppenhagen/Pieter van der Veere, Utrecht) – 11 points
  4. Moscow A (Elaye Karstadt, Jerusalem/Anna Akimova, Moscow) – 11 points
  5. Beatrize & Ybo (Ybo Buruma/Beatriz Melendez, Leiden) – 11 points
  6. Louis en Nina (Louis Honee/Nina Ramaswamy, Leiden) – 11 points
  7. She’s not that mean in prep. (Romée Lind/Jop Flameling, no institution) – 10 points
  8. SocRAtes (Annabelle van Beusekom, Berlin/Sebastian Posthumus Meyjes, Roosevelt) – 10 points
  9. Bonaparte F (Jules Boog/Zeno Glastra van Loon) 10 points
  10. Maastricht Fuelled by Chocolate (Katharina Jansen/Alwin Bakker) 10 points
  11. To be determined (Lennart van Laake, Leiden/Max Boiten, Amsterdam) (left before the break) – 10 points
  12. Amis Aus Berlin (John Kay, Berlin/Matt Caito, Bard College) – 9 points
  13. Privileged Angry Men (Philipp R. Mueller, Munich/Calyxx Peucker, UDCH) 9 points
  14. Hold my drink (Sonia Veltkamp/Victor Schippers, no institution) – 9 points
  15. Dutch-UK Inquisition (John Tsopanis, former NCH/Gina Leyva, Roosevelt) – 9 points
  16. Oxford made a wasteland and called it (Fergus) Peace (Samuel Cockle-Hearne/Seth Molwitz) – 9 points
  17. She came back for my twicecream (Joas Bakker (Spoke alone), Leiden) – 9 points

Novice Break:

  1. Please no OG (Fenna ten Haaf /Nam Quang Du, Erasmus Rotterdam) – 8 points
  2. THW regret being OG (Byron Dolon/Hyunku Zuco Kim) – 8 points
  3. Ironically running nuclear war (Angela Caredda/Dino Wildi, Maastricht) – 7 points
  4. (Chains and) Whips Excite Me (Alexandria Sisson/Mohvindh Manirajah) – 6 points

Judging break: Michael Tai, Roel Becker, Emma van der Horst, Ilija Ivanišević, Milla Huuskonen, Craig McDonald, Dean Foley, Marike Breed, Marlinda van der Hoff, Lars Velthausz, Migle Povilenaite, Cindy Willhell, Tanya Srivastava, Sterre Fest, Frederic Augustin, André Carvalho, Matilde Lourenço, Kristian Lindved Jensen.


Rd 1: Info text: Streaming is separating pupils in schools by academic ability.

This House supports academic streaming

Rd 2: This House believes that religious leaders should not publicly comment on political issues.

Rd 3: This House supports Baltic States implementing mandatory conscription.

Rd 4: A machine has been invented that allows for the simulation of life in absolute poverty, This House would require all citizens reaching the age of 18 to temporarily plug into the machine.

Rd 5: Info slide: Pop feminism refers to a popularized form of feminism, in contrast to academic feminism or feminist political activism. Pop feminism celebrates female empowerment and feminist identity through media including but not limited to pop music, advertising, fashion and social media campaigns.

Examples of pop feminism include various songs and performances by Beyoncé, or VOGUE India’s “My Choice” campaign.”

This House regrets the rise of pop feminism.

QF: This House believes that liberal politicians should prioritize empathetically engaging with alt-right concerns rather than condemning exclusionary rhetoric.

SF: Given the opportunity by the Feminist movement, This House believes that the Trans Movement should disaffiliate from the LGBT+ Movement and affiliate actively with the Feminist Movement.

NF: This House believes that criminal justice policy should be outsourced to technocrats instead of elected representatives.

F: This House regrets the dominance of the narrative of pushing yourself to your limits.


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