Leiden wins Roosevelt Open

Datum: Oct 27th, 2018
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Leiden TBA, the Winners of the Tournament - ©David Metz

Leiden TBA, the Winners of the Tournament – ©David Metz

The Roosevelt Open 2018 in Middleburg was won by Leiden TBA (David Metz and Joas Bakker) from Closing Opposition. They debated the final on the motion “Given the choice, THBT US Supreme  Court Justices should be elected by a vote amongst federal judges rather than a popular vote” against DSDC Orange (Lukas Joosten and Elian Lavrijsen) in Opening Government, Pure Esoteric Wisdom (Tanya Shrivastava and Fabian Beitsma; Delft) in Opening Opposition and Leiden, Mike is your Problem now (Roel Schoenmackers and Lotte Classen; Cicero) in Closing Government.

The final was chaired by Lisa Schallenberg with Daan Spackler, Jeroen Wijnen, Milos Marjanovic and Simone Landman.

The Novice Final of the tournament was won by Elisabeth&AnnaDSDC (Elisabeth Pel and Anna Wesdorp) on the motion “THO the rise of social media influencers“.

The best speaker with an average of 80.8 was David Metz from the winning team.
Best novice speaker was Elian Lavrijsen.

The CA team consisted out of Melda Eren, Milos Marjanovic, Roel Becker and Jeroen Wijnen as DCA.

Roosevelt Debating society organized the tournament.

The Break:
1. Leiden TBA (David Metz & Joas Bakker)
2. Leiden, Mike is your problem now (Roel Schoenmackers & Lotte Classen; Cicero)
3. Saur and Kraut (Katharina Jansen Alwin Bakker; Rhetorica)
4. DSDC Orange (Elian Lavrijsen & Lukas Joosten)
5. Lisa will talk about social security (Mike Weltevrede & Lisa van Vliet; Leiden)
6. Pure Esoteric Wisdom (Tanya Shrivastava & Fabian Beitsma; Delft)
7. Groene Hart A (Franka Boender & Linsey Keur; Leiden & Groeningen)
8. Delft C (Sacheendra Talluri & Satya Krishna Ammu)

The Motions:

Round 1: Infoslide: An “Opinio-system” of education is one in which twice a year students can vote to replace a teacher by a different teacher.

THS an Opinio System of Education

Round 2: Infoslide: A recall election is a referendum by which voters can remove an elected official from office through a direct vote before that official’s term has ended. They are initiated when sufficient voters sign a petition. A recall ballot consists of two questions: 1. should this person be recalled. 2. who should be their replacement.

THS recall elections for national leaders (i.e. presidents, prime-ministers, ministers)

Round 3: TH as the EU would significantly increase sanctions on Russia as opposed to lifting them

Round 4: THBT religious parents should NOT teach morality to their underage children through religious context (e.g. “it is a sin to lie”; “help thy neighbour” etc.)

Round 5: THW allow workers to sell their rights in exchange for higher pay (e.g. health and safety protections, rights to maternity/ paternity leave etc.)

Semi-Final: THBT music streaming services (e.g.Spotify, Apple etc.) do more harm than good

Novice Final: Infoslide: A Social Media Influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. E.g. Kylie Jenner, Chiara Ferragni, Jake Paul, etc.

THO the rise of social media influencers

Final: Given the choice, THBT US Supreme Court Justices should be elected by a vote amongst federal judges rather than a popular vote



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