Laurier/Unaffiliated Mixed-Team wins Hart House IV 2018

Datum: Nov 10th, 2018
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Hart House Toronto - © Saharalipour

© Saharalipour

The Hart House Inter-Varsity 2018 was won by Laurier/Unaffiliated SX (Ivy Xu and Brendt Schmidt) from Opening Opposition. They debated the final on the motion “This House opposes the propagation of Canadian exceptionalism” against Harvard CH (John Hunt, Sophia Caldera) in Opening Government, Yale AC (William Arnesen, Ko Lyn Cheang) in Closing Government, and Cornell KW (Jin Mo Koo, Emma Rose Wirshing) in Closing Opposition.

The final was chaired by Mo Niaz with Alexandra Sundarsingh, James Hardy, Julia Milden, and Meghan Auckland.

The Novice Final of the tournament was won by  Western DX (Vidit Desal, Emily Xie) in Closing Government, on the motion “With the goal of improving representation in media, this House would create original characters who belong to underrepresented groups, rather than re-imagine existing characters”. Other participants in that final were Marianopolis AF (Jerren Fefer, Nabeel Ahmed) in Opening Government, Queens NN (Adil Natalwalla, Anneliese Ng) in Opening Opposition, and Duke KS (Harish Korapatti, Chris Sheerer) in Closing Opposition. The round was chaired by Ashely Penheiro with Deborah Wong, Elora Sheres, Rebecca Giblon, and Sid Dadlani in the panel.

The best speaker with an average of 82.33 was Brendt Schmidt from Lauriel/Unaffiliated SX.
The best novice speaker was Amaar Jeyasothy from Cornell JY.

The CA team consisted out of Amelia McLeod, Jonathan Haderlein, Julia Milden, and Miriam Pierson.

The tournament was organized by the Hart House Debate Union. Chuan-Zheng Lee and Anahid Najafizadeh were in tab.

The Break:
1. Cornell KW (Jin Mo Koo, Emma Rose Wirshing) on 14 points
2. Harvard DP (Tejal Patwardhan, Aditya Dharon 13 points
3. Laurier/Unaffiliated SX (Brendt Schmidt, Ivy Xu)
4. Yale AC (William Arnesen, Ko Lyn Cheang) on 12 points
5. Princeton JK (Shreyas Kumar, Preston Johnson)
6. Harvard CH (John Hunt, Sophia Caldera) on 11 points
7. Queen’s/Western CR (Ethan Curry, Addy Rawat)
8. Cornell JY (Amaar Jeyasothy, Dylan Young)
9. Carleton BH (Isaac Botham, Harar Hall)
10. Carleton HM (Ali Hassan, Khaled Madhoun)
11. Alberta BL (Karel Brandenbarg, Rowan Ley)
12. Yale GG (Alexander Gordon, Celia Gazepi)
13. Alberta DJ (Sarthak Dinghra, Emma Jones)
14. Cornell LR (Denny Lee, Aniroodh Ravikumar)
15. Bard CK (Matt Caito, Templeton Kay)
16. Duke EH (Elle Eshleman, Jake Hoberg)

The Judge Break:

Alexandra Sundarsingh, Amelia McLeod, Ashley Pinhiero, Ben Levy, Bojana Skrt, Buzz Klinger, Chris Pang, Chuan-Zheng Lee, Clarence Bronte, Daniel Berman, David Register, Deborah Wong, Elora Sheres, Flynn Aislin, Gautier Boyrie, George Fitzpatrick, Hui Wen Zheng, James Hardy, Johanna Richter, Jon Haderlein, Josiah Peterson, Julia Milden, Meghan Ackland, Miriam Pierson, Mo Niaz, Navin Kariyawasam, Rebecca Giblon, Sid Dadlani, Veronique LeBlanc

The Motions:

Round 1: This House Would Not Consume The Art of People Who Have Engaged in Gravely Unethical Behavior

Round 2: This House Regrets The Belief That Technology Firms Will Solve The Climate Crisis

Round 3: Info Slide: In 2017, Trump signed a deal of $110 billion in arms sales over the next 10 years to Saudi Arabia. The $110 billion agreement included Saudi Arabian pledges to purchase tanks, fighter jets, combat ships and a missile defense system. The US also provides intelligence, military advice and logistical support to Saudi Arabia’s offensive in Yemen.

This House, as the US, would stop all arms sales, military support, and other aid to Saudi Arabia

Round 4: This House would prefer a world where memory is permanent and infallible.

Round 5: This House opposes the continued progress towards deep global economic integration (e.g. very low tariffs and free movement of capital and labour across borders).

Quarter-Final: Infoslide: There is no provision in the United States Constitution restricting the number of justices on the Supreme Court. Congress is empowered to change the number of justices on the Court by passing a law to that effect.

Provided that it wins control of Congress and the White House, this House believes that the Democratic Party should increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

Semi-Final: This House believes that the liberalization of sexual behaviour prompted by the sexual revolution fails women today

Novice Final: With the goal of improving representation in media, this House would create original characters who belong to underrepresented groups, rather than re-imagine existing characters

Final: Info Slide: Canadian exceptionalism refers to the belief that Canada is morally superior to other nations, especially the US, by virtue of being more peaceful, more reasonable and more tolerant and inclusive. It includes the belief that Canada should serve as a model for the rest of the world

This House opposes the propagation of Canadian exceptionalism



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