Carleton/Hart House wins NAW*DC 2019

Datum: Mar 26th, 2019
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Top Seed Carson Crane & Sukhmani Kaur (Cornell) prepare for the final round – (c) Achte Minute

The Open Champion of the North American Womxn’s & Gender Minorities Debate Championship 2019 is the hybrid partnership Ella Baker (Harar Hall: Carleton/Hart House). They won from Closing Government on the motion “Assuming the public would never find out, THP historical narratives that prioritize equal representation throughout history, even if people and events need to be fabricated”. Their opponents were the teams Sonia Sotomayor (Carson Crane, Sukhmani Kaur; Cornell) in Opening Government, Sunitha Krishnan (Emily Xie, Melissa Giblon; Western/Hart House) in Closing Government, and Rosalind Franklin (Yael Lewis, Micaela Lewis; McGill) in Closing Opposition.

Chairing the round was Clarence Bronte with a panel of Amanda Liang, Betsy Studholme, Jessica Zhang, Meghan Ackland, Valeria Hernandez,  and Vivian Zhang

The Novice Champion was Marsha P. Johnson (Zuha Tanweer, Maria Ikeda: Hart House) in Closing Government on the motion THR the social . The novice finalists were Michelle Obama (Maya Benziger, Christina Wang: Bates) in Opening Government, Corazon Aquino (Jami McElrea, Seneli Seneviratne: Carleton) in Opening Opposition, and Emilie du Chatelet (Anna Ehli, Rachel Dames: Colgate) in Closing Opposition.

Judging the Novice Final was chair Johanna Richter, and alongside them were panelists Amanda Liang, Emma Darcy, and Vivian Zhang. 

Top ESL Speaker Marcela Gomez (Tec CEM, left), and her partner and fellow Quarterfinalist Marina Moriales (Ibero CDMX, right) (c) Marcela Gomez/Marina Moriales


The top speaker of the tournament was Harar Hall (Carleton) with an average of 81 speaker points.

The top novice speaker was Emily Xu (Queens) with an average of 79.2.

The top ESL speaker was Marcela Gómez (Tec CEM) with an average of 78.6.

At the tournament, a final Canadian Universities’ Society for Intercollegiate  Debate was held to conclude business for the CUSID circuit in addition to the North American Womxn’s and Gender Minorities’ Debating Assembly which held a forum in addition to convening to vote on a series of formal proceedings, including on constitutional amendments that were affirmed and are now available at the official website. The outgoing Womxn’s Debating Assembly Chair Kiana Saint-Macary (McGill) will be replaced by Harar Hall (Carleton). No bids were proposed to host NAW*DC 2020 and the vote will be held online. The minutes are available here 

The North American Womxn’s & Gender Minorities Debate Championship 2019 was hosted by the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada and featured women and gender minority participants from the US, Canada, and, for the first time, Mexico.


Round 1: THW make college admissions a randomized lottery

Round 2: THW record and publicize all criminal trial proceedings (eg, indictment hearings, testimonies, jury deliberations)

Round 3: THS international intervention in Venezuela

Round 4: Assuming it could be done without placing the burden of secrecy on adults. THP a world in which individuals are unaware of the existence of organized religions for the duration of their childhood.

Round 5:
Infoslide: The “American Dream” refers to the notion that, regardless of one’s demographics, one can significantly improve one’s quality of life through hard work and persistence.
Motion: THR the American Dream

Quarterfinal: THBT western tech companies should actively pursue contracts with the Chinese government and Chinese firms


Infoslide: Rupaul’s Drag Race is a popular TV show that portrays the drag community. This show has helped popularize drag culture and elevate diversity in the mainstream media. The host, Rupaul, is arguably the most well-known drag icon in the world and plays a large role in creating the narrative for the drag community; however, Rupaul has been under scrutiny for not allowing drag kings or trans women who have undergone gender reaffirmation procedures to participate on the show.

Motion: TH, as the LGBTQ+ community, would boycott RuPaul’s Drag Race

Novice Final: THR society’s focus on the perspectives of mass murderers

Grand Final: Assuming the public would never find out, THP historical narratives that prioritize equal representation throughout history, even if people and events need to be fabricated.

The break:

  1. Sonia Sotomayor (Carson Crane, Sukhmani Kaur: Cornell), 13 points
  2. Ella Baker (Harar Hall: Hart House / Carleton), 12 points
  3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Maiya Werba, Ruth Silcoff: Mcgill), 11 points
  4. Rosalind Franklin (Yael Lewis, Micaela Lewis: McGill)
  5. Oprah Winfrey (Marcela Gomez, Mariana Morales: Tec CEM / Ibero CDMX)
  6. Sunitha Krishnan (Melissa Giblon, Emily Xie: Western / Hart House)
  7. Bathsua Makin (Emily Xu, Liv Stanton: Queens), 10 points
  8. Sojourner Truth (Jacqueline Belzberg, Anna Saint: UBC), top novice team
  9. Frida Kahlo (Pia Co, Emma Jones: Alberta)
  10. Amelia Earhart (Ivy Xu, Sarah Rana: Hart House / Unaffiliated)
  11. Marie Curie (Allie McGowan, Kiana Saint-Macary: McGill / Unaffiliated), 9 points
  12. Mairead Maguire (Cass Cervi, Kimia Raahemifar: Western)
  13. Angela Davis (Grace Marshall, Amanda Ngo: HWS)
  14. Alicia Garza (Grace Lye, Reem Toubache: Queens)
  15. Gloria Steinem (Vaneea Ma, Shiyi Fei: Chicago / McGill)
  16. Joan of Arc (Isabel Birney, Abigail Robbins: Vermont)

Novice break:

  1. Michelle Obama (Maya Benziger, Christina Wang: Bates), 8 points
  2. Marsha P. Johnson (Zuha Tanweer, Maria Ikeda: Hart House)
  3. Emilie du Chatelet (Anna Ehli, Rachel Dames: Colgate)
  4. Corazon Aquino (Jami McElrea, Seneli Seneli Seneviratne: Carleton)

Judge break: Abby Westberry, Alex Holgate, Amanda Liang, Amelia McLeod, Ashley Pinheiro, Betsy Studholme, Bojana Skrt, Carol Altimas, Clarence Brontë, Elora Sheres, Emma Darcy, Emma Rose Wirshing, Jessica Zhang, Johanna Richter, KC Caswell, Madison Martinez, Meehakk Mulani, Meghan Ackland, Patricia Johnson-Castle, Valeria Hernández, Vivian Zhang, redacted.

The CA team: Meghan Ackland (CA: Canada); Alex Holgate (DCA: Canada), Vale Hernandez (DCA: Mexico), Clarence Allister Logan Bronte (DCA: US), Emma Rose Wirsching (US: DCA), Patricia Johnson-Castle (DCA: Canada), and Jessica Zhang (assistant DCA: Canada).


Tab team: Patrick J. Cowley, Emily Dong, Keeghan Lucas

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