Tel Aviv wins European Round Robin 2019

Datum: Jul 9th, 2019
Category: International, Turniere

Tom Manor and Noam Dahan – © Antonina Dębska

The team Tel Aviv MD (Tom Manor, Noam Dahan) has triumphed at the European Round Robin 2019 in Warsaw. As Closing Government, the reigning EUDC champions defeated Opening Government Belgrade MS (Milos Marjanovic, Stefan Siridžanski), Opening Opposition Steven/Sella (Steven Rajavinothan, Sella Nevo) and Closing Opposition Tan/Marshall (Teck Wei Tan, Raffy Marshall). The motion read “This House prefers a world where family love was seen as unconditional as opposed to conditional”.

The final was judged by Gigi Gil (chair), Harish Natarajan, Przemek Stolarski, Kit Mercer and Tudor Musat.

Team Break:
1. Tan/Marshall (Teck Wei Tan, Raffy Marshall) – 15 pts | 843 spks
2. Steven/Sella (Steven Rajavinothan, Sella Nevo) – 13 pts | 833 spks
3. Aviv MD (Tom Manor, Noam Dahan) – 12 pts | 826 spks
4. Belgrade MS (Milos Marjanovic, Stefan Siridžanski) – 11 pts | 828 spks

Best Speaker: Teck Wei Tan – © Antonina Dębska

Speaker Top 10:

1. Teck Wei Tan – 422 spks | 84,4 avg
2. Raffy Marshall – 421 spks | 84,2 avg
3. Sella Nevo – 420 spks | 84,0 avg
4. Lucía Arce Cubas – 419 spks | 83,8 avg
5. Tom Manor – 417 spks | 83,4 avg
6. Milos Marjanovic – 414 spks | 82,8 avg
6. Stefan Siridžanski – 414 spks | 82,8 avg
6. John Papantoniou – 414 spks | 82,8 avg
6. Rachel O’Nunain – 414 spks | 82,8 avg
10. Steven Rajavinothan – 413 spks | 82,6 avg
10. Jason Xiao – 413 spks | 82,6 avg


The European Round Robin was the first edition of this tournament. Taking place at the College of Europe in Natolin, it featured 16 selected teams of the European debating circuit which were chosen based on their debating achievements. The tournament was convened by Radosław Czekan while Łukasz Dobromirski represented the College. Chief Adjudicators were Gigi Gil and Muhammad Asadullah Khan while the equity team consisted of Olivia Chwat and Tudor Musat. All rounds including the final were streamed. The stream recordings can can be found here: Rounds 1-4, R5 and Final.


R1: Infoslide: The Queer Liberation March is a self-described people’s political march, an alternative to the main Stonewall50 Pride March. Unlike the Stonewall 50 March, it will have no corporate sponsors, no police and no politicians attending.

TH would attend the Queer Liberation March rather than the Stonewall50 March.

R2: This House, as religious individual would prefer to be a part of a religious community that proselytizes over the one that does not.

R3: Infoslide: Official Chinese record state Chinas total public and private debt is $34 trillion. China has a number of policy options it can implement in order to reduce its debt: regulating its shadows banking sector, restricting debt-financed oversees investment, allowing State Owned Enterprises to go insolvent, and reducing construction of steel and coal industries.

This House Believes That China should seek to curb debt at the expense of economic growth.

R4: This House Believes That all wealth beyond the necessary to meet one’s basic needs is immoral.

R5: Infoslide: The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), known commonly as the Iran nuclear deal, is an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program between Iran, the US, the European Union, China, and Russia. The agreement imposed a set of restrictions aimed at prohibiting Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons for 15 years in exchange for lifting international sanctions. Iran has breached the limit set for uranium enrichment under the JCPOA in light of US sanctions imposed after the US withdrew from the agreement.

This House, as the Iranian government, would fulfill its obligations under the JCPOA

F: Infoslide: In conditional love, love is “earned” on the basis of conscious or unconscious conditions being met, whereas, in unconditional love, love is “given freely” to the loved one “no matter what”

This House prefers a world where family love was seen as unconditional as opposed to conditional.


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