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TCD wins Kyiv Open

TCD wins Kyiv OpenThe grand final of the Kyiv Open 2020 was won by DU Players (Jack Williams, Gabrielle Fullam) of Trinity College Dublin, speaking in Opening Opposition. Concluding the tournament as finalists were TBC (Lucie Slamova, Triinu Jogi; Warwick/Sheffield) in Opening Government, Both of us actually wanted to speak with Jack (Caoimhin Hamill, Olja Bosnjak; TCD/Zagreb) in Closing Government, and Maastricht A(ges Past) (Katharina Jansen, Alwin Bakker) in Closing Opposition. The final was chaired by Lucy Murphy, judging alongside Shruti Deb, Tin Puljic, Arie Mora and Harmen de Jong. The top speaker was Caoimhin Hamill, with an average of 81 speaker points. The Break: 1. Both of ...
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Equitable Access: Strategies for Adjudication Cores

Equitable Access: Strategies for Adjudication CoresThis is the second part of a four (!) part series on accessibility in debate, looking at strategies for debaters and judges seeking safe access to debate. The first part covered strategies for participants to improve access to debate and is available here. The third part will encompass different regions' structures of equity within and outside of tournaments. The fourth and final part will contextualize the gendered and racialized experiences of leaders and organizers across the spectrum of debate circuits. If you have questions, suggestions, or experiences to share, please contact As always, people are sincerely encouraged to share ...
Oct 14th, 2020 | By | Category: Headline, international, Jurieren |

Bristol/Kyiv wins Astana Open

Bristol/Kyiv wins Astana OpenThe final of the Astana Open 2020 was won by the team Arie Potter and Ron Weasley (Arie Mora, Ron Leizrowice; Kiev/Bristol). Out of Closing Opposition, they defeated the Opening Government MDM A (Jason Woods, Maurice Coutiel; Edinburgh/London), Opening Opposition Astana is where I put my laptop (Eyal Horowitz, Boaz Katzir; Tel Aviv) and Closing Government we can do anything we put our minds to 💓🧚🏼‍♀️✨just not this🤩🦋🧚🏼‍♀️ (Daniela Williams, Isabelle Healy; Dublin). The debate on the motion "THBT the Kremlin should support Svetlana Tichanovskaya (incl. infoslide) was judged by Milla Huuskonen as chair, Aigerim Shadeyeva, Caoimhin Hamill, Dani Georgiev ...
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Team “I Feel Love” wins Europe Queer Open

Team "I Feel Love" wins Europe Queer OpenThe Open Final of the Europe Queer Open 2020 was won by I Feel Love (Robert Raos, Simon Luo), speaking against Brave (Adam Lambert, Jamie Clayton) in Opening Government, I Will Survive (Jeffrey Huang Ma, Zuha Tanweer), and Born This Way (Lena Kolle, Rachel Homnick). They spoke on the motion "This House Prefers Utilitarianism to Deontology." The Final was chaired by Lucie Slamova. Judging with them were Dominique Jackson, Katherine Harris, Parth Pandya, and Rhys Steele. The Pro Am Final was won by I'm Coming Out (Hannah Gadsby, Daniela Williams) in Closing Government, speaking against Over the Rainbow (Michael Conway, Steward Johnson) in Opening Government, Vogue (Aleks Bell, Rebecca Harrigan), and Come ...
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Team “Trade Chonks Not Stonks” wins IIT Bombay Debate

Team "Trade Chonks Not Stonks" wins IIT Bombay DebateThe IIT Bombay Debate 2020 was won by Trade Chonks Not Stonks (Enting Lee, Cveta Gotovats) speaking in Closing Opposition on the motion "THW abolish the law against scandalizing the court in India." They spoke against Taylors A (Ploopy, Har Naveenjeet Singh) in Opening Government; 2 bomb bombabes in Bombay (redacted, Josh Kemp) in Opening Opposition; and Is that Jess birthday party for debate addicts? (Hadar Goldberg, Klaudia Maciejewska) in Closing Government. The Final was chaired by Nicolas Lozano. Judging with them were Sera Yun, Sachit Ram, Jordyn Gibson, Karthik Bansal, Uphie Abdurrahman. The top Speaker was Amrit Agastia, Taylors University, with ...
Oct 3rd, 2020 | By | Category: Headline, international, News of debating clubs, Turniere |

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