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Maastricht wins Erasmus Rotterdam Open

Maastricht wins Erasmus Rotterdam Open[caption id="attachment_35269" align="alignright" width="400"] Katharina Jansen and Lisa Knodt - (c) Erasmus Debating Society[/caption] The team Merkel II & III (Lisa Knodt, Katharina Jansen) of the Rhetorica Debating Society Maastricht has won the Erasmus Rotterdam Open 2019. Out of Opening Opposition, they defeated the Opening Government Glorious like the Mongolian navy (Milla Huuskonen, Markus Myllymäki; Helsinki), Closing Government Tudor and Anne (but not Henry and Boleyn) (Tudor Musat, Ana Coman; Cambridge/Bukarest) and Closing Opposition We beg you to propose. That's what she said. (Elizabeta Korenčan, Roel Becker; Llubljana/Leiden) on the motion "Assuming the technology exists, TH supports the use of augmented ...
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WUDC 2018 – The Break

WUDC 2018 - The BreakOnce again the anglophone World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) took place during the turn of the year. This year's location was Mexico City. The tournament started the 27.12.17 and ended the 04.01.18. After nine preliminary rounds the teams breaking to the outrounds were announced on New Year's Eve. At the WUDC, teams participate classified as one of three language categories: EPL (English as a Proficient Language), ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language). EPL-classified teams can only participate in the Open Break, ESL-teams depending on their ranking either in the Open Break oder the ...
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WUDC Tips and Tricks from Veterans – Part 2

WUDC Tips and Tricks from Veterans - Part 2There’s no other time in the year where more outstanding, successful, brilliant, superb, mind-blowing, astonishing, fascinating debaters meet at one location then whilst WUDC. That makes worlds the perfect time to talk to some of these people and get them to share their secrets to success. We have spoken to three more people from The Netherlands, Israel, Bangladesh and Germany. The interviews were conducted by Helena Hecke. In this Article you’ll hear about the tricks of the trade from Marc-Andre Schulz – Aachen Emma Lucas and Gigi Gil – Leiden Monica Forman - Tel Aviv Ratib Ali - Dhaka [caption id="attachment_30787" align="alignright" width="229"] Marc-Andre Schulz - ...
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