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Princeton wins USUDC

Princeton wins USUDCPrinceton 1 (Greg Weaving, Xiao-Ke Lu) in Opening Opposition has won the Open category of the United States University Debating Championships 2020. Speaking against them were Chicago 1 (Devesh Kodnani, Brian Li) in Opening Government, Princeton 2 (Shreyas Kumar, Preston Johnson) in Closing Government, and Chicago 2 (Jaewon Park, Jay Gibbs) in Closing Opposition. They spoke on the motion "THBT it is in the interest of the US to take measures to significantly reduce its economic ties and connections with China (e.g. reducing investment and redirecting trade, and shifting away from yuan in its reserve currency basket)". Chairing the adjudication ...
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Charm vs. hunger – Gudrun Lux on the Western German Championship

Friendliness, lunch, recovery - and what Stefan Hübner, Franziskus Bayer and Tim Richter have to do with it. Twitter, losing one's voice, a huge deb soc and the audience's award of best speaker - and what Jenny Bachmann, Jenny Holm, Nicolas Eberle and Andrea Gau have to do with it. Please read Gudrun Lux' entertaining cover-up on the Western German regional - in Deutsch.
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Countdown for German regionals

Please read the German version of this article to learn more about the German regionals in Bayreuth (South), Frankfurt (West), Osnabrück (North) and Halle (East). 60 teams from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland are expected to compete on the next two weekends for the titles - and additional teams for the German Debating Championship in Heidelberg in June. ...
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Show debate in Marburg

Nov 29th, 2010 | By | Category: News of debating clubs, Themen | Comments Off on Show debate in Marburg

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