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WUDC 2015: The Break, all the Results and Motions

WUDC 2015: The Break, all the Results and Motions Team break Out of the contingent of the Association of German Speaking University Debating Societies (VDCH) we are very happy to report the break of one team at this year’s Worlds in Malaysia! In the category "English as a foreign language" (EFL) the team Potsdam A (comprised of Mathias Hamann and Moritz Kirchner) broke in 4th place with 14 team points in total. The next round for them will be the EFL Semi Final on Friday, 2 January 2015. It will take place at 1 pm local time in Malaysia (which translates into 6 am local time in Germany) and will ...
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Berlin IV 2014

Berlin IV 2014British Parliamentary Style in the German capital: From 11th to 13th April 2011 this year’s Berlin IV will be held. Chief adjudicators (CA) are Sally Rooney (EUDC 2013 Top-Speaker and Finalist, CA Moscow Open and UKDC 2013), Tomas Beerthuis (Deputy Chief Adjudicator of Zagreb EUDC) and Kai Dittmann (WUDC 2014 ESL-Champion). Registration will open on Febuary 1st, 6:00 pm. Reg fee will be 35 € per person. As Convener Alexander Hans states, the teamcap of 40 can be expanded if demand is high. Institution cap is 3 teams. The contact information if you have any questions is  As a special, Alex ...
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Update: Berlin IV 2013

Save the date: The Berlin Debating Union has announced the Berlin IV 2013. The BDU will host their first tournament after the WUDC 2013 from Friday, 21st to Sunday 23rd June in Berlin. There are few details as of now: The motto will be „Alternative Freedom“. Sarah von Kaminietz, the Convenor explains: "We strongly feel that debating is one of the most rewarding pastimes we know. However – debating alone is not enough. How exactly does what we say change our lives? How do the debates we have alter our decision-making processes? We hope to explore these questions from June 21st to June ...
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Jaywalking – Kick-off event in Berlin

Tuesday, 26th November, the Berlin Debating Union (BDU) opened the new debating semester with the motion "This House would jaywalk“. About 60 guests were curious about the topic and were able to join an exciting debate about the borders of citizens duties. On the side of the Government, Julian Ohm (finalist North-German Championships 2010), Jonas Werner (German Champion 2009) and Johannes Häger (semi-finalist SOAS IV 2010) were stating that a responsible handling of governmental rules also implies to trespass them in particular cases. Only in this way can a healthy relationship to the governmental power be created and the citizens are ...
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