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Belgrade/Leiden wins Budapest Open

Belgrade/Leiden wins Budapest Open[caption id="attachment_35249" align="alignright" width="400"] The Belgrade delegation and their teampartners including the open final winners Floris Holstege (l.) and Janko Djordjevic (2nd f. r.) as well as best speakers Miloš Marjanovic and Tin Puljić (3rd/4rd f. l.) - (c) Otvorena komunikacija[/caption] The Budapest Open 2019 saw the teams in Closing Government sweeping both final rounds, with De grootse Nederlands-Servische alliantie (Janko Djordjevic, Floris Holstege;Belgrade/Leiden) winning the crown on the motion "This house regrets the narrative that forgiveness is a virtue". Against them were Autinzam i renesansa (Tin Puljić, Ilija Ivanišević; Zagreb/Belgrade) in Opening Government, Velika Srpsko-Holandska Alijansa (Miloš Marjanovic, David Metz; Belgrade/Leiden) in ...
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Leiden(Alumni)/Tel Aviv wins the 2017 Budapest Open

Leiden(Alumni)/Tel Aviv wins the 2017 Budapest Open[caption id="attachment_31439" align="alignright" width="400"] Monica Forman and Daan Welling - © Balázs Dezsényi[/caption] The team Orban Outfitters (Daan Welling & Monica Forman) won the final of the 96-team Budapest Open 2017. They were Opening Opposition on the motion "THBT it is the Moral Imperative of Liberals within Eastern Europe to stay within their Home Country, rather than Emigrate to More Progressive Countries.” Orban Outfitters beat out We know team names. We have the best team names (Olle Reberg, Jamie Batchelor) in Opening Government who replaced the advancing Melda + Jonah (Melda Eren, Johan Båge) who left due to scheduling conflicts. They also ranked above Tel Aviv Ya Habibi ...
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“Never miss the Budapest Open again”, advises Teresa Widlok

"Never miss the Budapest Open again", advises Teresa WidlokTeresa Widlok participated for the second time in the Budapest Open and would like to see more German Teams there the next time. Read her report, that will hopefully create a desire to go there. Whoever said that sequels are always worse than the original was obviously wrong! The second edition of the BP Open, held in Budapest from 1st to 4th March 2013, was an outstandingly well organized tournament which in many ways even superseded its predecessor. You can spot a very comfortable feature about the BP Open right when you look at the timetable: the tournament starts at a Friday with only ...
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Prep for Euros in Budapest

The CEU Debating Society invites debaters from 2nd to 3rd of July to the capital city of Hungary, the first ever international debate event in Budapest. Good quality debates will be provided by the Adjudication Team around CA Filip Dobranić (WUDC ESL best speaker, EUDC ESL champion). There will be no reg fee, crash will be provided on a first come first serve basis. However, you need to care about yourself concerning the food – but Budapest is the best place to be if you are (1) hungry, (2) want tasty food and (3) have little money. (The editor recommends Hortobágyi húsos ...
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