Belgrade/Leiden wins Budapest Open

Datum: Mar 25th, 2019
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The Belgrade delegation and their teampartners including the open final winners Floris Holstege (l.) and Janko Djordjevic (2nd f. r.) as well as best speakers Miloš Marjanovic and Tin Puljić (3rd/4rd f. l.) – (c) Otvorena komunikacija

The Budapest Open 2019 saw the teams in Closing Government sweeping both final rounds, with De grootse Nederlands-Servische alliantie (Janko Djordjevic, Floris Holstege;Belgrade/Leiden) winning the crown on the motion “This house regrets the narrative that forgiveness is a virtue”. Against them were Autinzam i renesansa (Tin PuljićIlija Ivanišević; Zagreb/Belgrade) in Opening Government, Velika Srpsko-Holandska Alijansa (Miloš Marjanovic, David Metz; Belgrade/Leiden) in Opening Opposition, and One More Serbian Team (Djordje Radisavljevic, Marta Vasic; Belgrade) in Closing Opposition. The open final was chaired by Roy Schulman, with a panel of Emily Frizell, Razzaq Bin, Daan Spackler, and redacted.

In the novice final, Speachbenders (Mira Eberdorfer, Marina Kojic; Vienna) reigned on the motion that “This house supports the creation of a global citizenship market”. Ending the tournament as novice finalists were Trump University A (Pavle Milojkovic, Luka Jovetic; Belgrade) in Opening Government,  BOUN Biggus Dickus (Ruveyda Sahyar, Arda Duman; Istanbul) in Opening Opposition, and Hands of Svarog (Pavle Mackic, Katarina Jeremic; Belgrade) in Closing Opposition. The debate was chaired by redacted, with a panel of  Ela Jurka, Keshav Arvind, Klaudia Maciejewska and Lior Finkelman.

The top open speakers, tied with an average of 82.8 speaker points, were Miloš Marjanovic and Tin Puljić.
The top novice speakers, also tied, were Lucija Ivanuša and Natalija Ljubic, averaging 77.6 speaker points.

The break was as follows:

Open Break:
1. Velika Srpsko-Holandska Alijansa (Miloš Marjanovic, David Metz) – 15 points
2. De grootse Nederlands-Servische alliantie  (Janko Djordjevic, Floris Holstege) – 12 points
3. Reasonable Perspectives on Complex Issues (Rita Chudnovskaya, Ruta Gabalina) – 12 points
4. Ljubljana-Center (Matija Pušnik, Rok Hafner)- 11 points
5. Bard A (Gordon Stearns, Hadley Parum) – 11 points
6. Ljubljana-Šentvid (Iza Jerman, Lucija Ivanuša) – 11 points (Novice)
7. Autinzam i renesansa (Tin Puljić, Ilija Ivanišević) – 10 points
8. We put the pest in Budapest (Hadar goldberg, Tomer Zucker) – 10 points
9. One More Serbian Team (Djordje Radisavljevic, Marta Vasic) – 10 points
10. strange combination here to surprise you (George Hames, Natalija Ljubic) – 10 points
11. Clemson SM (Savannah Skidmore, Nathan McDowell) – 10 points
12. Clemson JC (Marissa Jansen, Anish Chaluvadi) – 10 points
13. Contestable and edgy(Vilim Ilić, Petar Zec) – 10 points
14. Haifa L&O (Lilach BenDavid,Ohad Amon) – 9 points
15. Even better arguments than Marinas stories (Miri Muntean, Ingo Bandhauer) – 9 points
16. Haifa A&M (Anna Shreder, morad khoury) – 9 points

Novice Break:
1. Speachbenders (Mira Eberdorfer and Marina Kojic) – 8 points
2. Hands of Svarog (Pavle Mackic, Katarina Jeremic) – 8 points
3. Trump University A (Pavle Milojkovic, Luka Jovetic) – 7 points
4. Boun Biggus Dickus (Ruveyda Sahyar, Arda Duman) – 7 points

Breaking Judges (in alphabetical order):
Benji Kalman, redactedClíodhna Ní Chéileachair, Daan Spackler, Ela Jurko, Elisabeth Vikydal, Emily Frizell, Keshav Arvind, Klaudia Maciejewska, Lindsey Dixon, Lior Finkelman, Lovro Sprem, Monika Naydenova, Peter Adamic, Przemek Stolarski, Rachel Homnick, Razzaq Bin Hazrin Fazail, Roy Schulman, Shaked Migdal and Stefan Ziman

One motion was leaked due to a technical error prior to the start of the tournament. It read:
Infoslide: Lay judges are members of the public who act as judges in minor legal issues, e.g. petty theft, vandalism, criminal damage, drunk driving. They are not required to have any formal legal training but are required to be from the local community, be of good character, to have good communication skills, and to be reliable. – This house supports the use of local lay judges in minor legal cases.

The CA team consisted of Benji Kalman, Lovro Sprem, and Cliodhna Ni Ch. Tabbing the tournament was Dasha and convening the tournament once again were Dasha Fialkina and Marcell Ottó Ormándy. It was hosted by the Corvinus and ELTE Debate Clubs. The current tab includes motion balance statistics, speaker tab, and team tab, while the tournament will be updated in tabbie2 shortly.

The motions were as follows:

R1: THBT the US should not make complete nuclear disarmament a condition of meaningful sanction relief on North Korea

R2: THO the rise of political consumerism (incl. infoslide)

R3: Given a way to accurately measure an individual’s empathy, THW only allow individuals with high levels of empathy for people beyond their immediate circle to vote in elections.

R4: THBT the IMF should require collateral* for national bailouts (*Collateral is an asset or a piece of property that a borrower offers to a lender as security for a loan)

R5: TH, as the Pope, would abolish the concept of Hell

QF: Info Slide: The EPP is the conservative-Christian parliamentary group in the European Parliament that includes national European parties, such as the CDU in Germany, Fine Gael in Ireland, and the Austrian People’s Party. It has been the largest group in the European Parliament since 1999.

Fidesz is the current ruling political party in Hungary.

TH, as the EPP, Would Expel Fidesz

SF: In cities and areas with rapidly increasing housing costs, THW tax new residents and use the revenue to subsidize housing costs for citizens already residing in the area

NF: Info Slide: A global citizenship market would allow individuals to sell their citizenship and purchase a new one

THS the creation of a global citizenship market

F: THR the narrative that forgiveness is a virtue


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