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KCL, Tel Aviv win Oxford IV

KCL, Tel Aviv win Oxford IVBreaking 9th seed, Darion Hotan and Sam van Elk from Kings College London proceed to win the 2017 Oxford Intervarsity. The tournament's Chief Adjudicators were Evan Lynyak, Sella Nevo, Sophie Large, Teck Wei Tan, and Joshua Bailey. The tab team, SUULUU Candles, was led by Roxana Legezynska and included Katherine Dunbar, Steven Roy, Alex Murray, Joseph Sisson, and Jiwoo Won. [caption id="attachment_33048" align="alignright" width="400"] In Closing Opposition, BPP A ran an economics extension in the Final. photo credit: Justin Kirk[/caption] Debating as KCL A, Darion and Sam proposed that “Assuming it could be done peacefully, this House would replace all existing governments ...
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Roosevelt Open 2014

Roosevelt Open 2014The Roosevelt Debating Society will host the third Roosevelt Open on October 17th and 18th in Middleburg in the South-West of the Netherlands. The conveners will be Sarah Rust and Jordy van Rijsingen. According to the information on the Roosevelt Open facebook page, the tournament is supported by the European Commission, Province of Zeeland and the municipality of Goes. This promotion video has been published by the conveners: The Roosevelt Open will feature five preliminary rounds with seven minute speeches, semi-finals, a final as well as a novice final. The team cap is 40 and the n-1 rule will apply for ...
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Feedback for the applicants as DCA of the Vienna EUDC 2015

Feedback for the applicants as DCA of the Vienna EUDC 2015Christine Simpson und Michael Shapira, Chief Adjudicators (CA) of the European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC) 2015 in Vienna, have published a list of candidates for the post of Deputy Chief Adjudicator (DCA) for the Vienna EUDC. After a phase where feedback can be given, three of them will be selected as DCAs of the Vienna EUDC. The CAs therefore call upon all debaters who know one or more of the following applicants, to submit detailed feedback about their qualifications. Christine und Michael write about the feedback: "What we would like to hear from you is anything that you think is related ...
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