Feedback for the applicants as DCA of the Vienna EUDC 2015

Datum: Apr 4th, 2014
Category: International, Turniere

Christine Simpson und Michael Shapira, Chief Adjudicators (CA) of the European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC) 2015 in Vienna, have published a list of candidates for the post of Deputy Chief Adjudicator (DCA) for the Vienna EUDC. After a phase where feedback can be given, three of them will be selected as DCAs of the Vienna EUDC.

The CAs therefore call upon all debaters who know one or more of the following applicants, to submit detailed feedback about their qualifications. Christine und Michael write about the feedback: “What we would like to hear from you is anything that you think is related to their ability to do a good job as DCAs of Vienna EUDC 2015. This could be purely professional observations, for example you think they are fantastic BP judges, or more personal ones like you believe we will enjoy the company of this person.”

The CAs will also be open for feedback in person. Michael Shapira will be at the Berlin IV (April 11th – April 13th 2014), Christine Simpson will attend the Paris Open (April 25th – April 27th 2014). The CAs grant to handle feedback 100 percent confidentially. It can be given by mail via cas [at] viennaeudc [dot] eu.

 Michael Barton
 Yael Bezalel
 Emilia Carlqvist​
 Radu Cotarcea
Duncan Crowe
 Benjamin Dory
 Ben Gladnikoff
 Anna Karolin
 Peer Klüßendorf
 Gavin Illsley
 Nicole Loiter
 Harry McEvansoneya
 Karin Merckens
 Amanda Moorghen
 Adam Noonan
 Chris Papadopoulos
 Viktor Prlja
 Ioana Stupariu

Further Information can be found on the Website of Vienna EUDC 2015.


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