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SSE Riga Debate Academy 2014

SSE Riga Debate Academy 2014From May 30th to June 1st, the SSE Riga Debate Society and the non-governmental organisation QUO tu domā? will host the third Debate Academy. The Debate Academy aims at debaters from different countries who want to learn more about debating and improve their skills. It consists of seven workshops given in four rooms simultaneously to account for different levels of debating proficiency of the participants. Afterwards, a tournament with four rounds and a final will be organsised so that the debaters can apply what they have learned. The trainers for the workshops will be Michael Shapira, Chief Adjudicator (CA) of the ...
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Feedback for the applicants as DCA of the Vienna EUDC 2015

Feedback for the applicants as DCA of the Vienna EUDC 2015Christine Simpson und Michael Shapira, Chief Adjudicators (CA) of the European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC) 2015 in Vienna, have published a list of candidates for the post of Deputy Chief Adjudicator (DCA) for the Vienna EUDC. After a phase where feedback can be given, three of them will be selected as DCAs of the Vienna EUDC. The CAs therefore call upon all debaters who know one or more of the following applicants, to submit detailed feedback about their qualifications. Christine und Michael write about the feedback: "What we would like to hear from you is anything that you think is related ...
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Stockolm IV

Stockolm IVThe first ever Swedish Debating Tournament, the Sockholm IV, will take place May 10th - 12th in Stockholm. The Team-Cap is 48, the Reg-Fee is 45 Euro per participant. Delgeations must conform to n-1, the CAs are Michael Shapira, Frederick Cowell and Ben Gladnikoff. There will be five Rounds with a Break to Semi-Finals and possibly an ESL-Break. You can find more information on the website. fpu
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