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Cambridge wins Trinity Open

Cambridge wins Trinity Open[caption id="attachment_32158" align="alignright" width="400"] Winners Katherine Dunbar (left) and Etsuko Lim (right) during prep time - © TCD Hist/Phil[/caption] The Trinity Open 2017 was won by Cambridge B (Etsuko Lim & Katherine Dunbar) in Closing Government. They debated against Oxford Tecks and Sophie (Teck Wei Tan & Sophie Large) in Opening Government,  Upgrading from Aodhan (Adam Stairs & Clíodhna Ní Chéileachair, UCD Law) in Opening Opposition and Edinburgh A (Tim Squirrel & Nish Hegde) in Closing Opposition on the motion "You are an author who has just been granted a power such that any book you write would be taken as gospel by all who read it. ...
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DCU Open 2011

DCU Open 2011The Dublin City University (DCU) is going to host this year’s DCU Open on 25 and 26 March. On the Facebook page of the event, the convenors promise a provisional team cap of 40, but will try to accommodate as many teams as possible. The chief adjudicators are well attuned as a speaker team: Eoghan Casey and Patrick Rooney are currently EUDC champions and made it to WUDC quarter-finals in Botswana earlier this year. They also won intervarsities together like Trinity 2010 and Birmingham 2009 and the Irish Mace twice in row, 2009 and 2010. Tabmaster is Harry McEvansoneya who ...
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Trinity IV 2011

Trinity IV 2011Debating in Ireland – then roll with the Trinity IV 2011 from 27 to 29 January hosted by the University Philosophical Society in Dublin. The team cap allows the incredible amount of 100 teams in. The tournament allures to speakers in a twofold way: On 27 January, the Irish capital will be stage to the Kingsmill Moore Invitational, while on 28 and 29 January there will be the chance to join the Claire Stewart Memorial Intervarsity. Language of both the Invitational and the IV will be English, the format is going to be BPS. While the Claire Stewart Memorial Intervarsity is ...
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UCD Vice Presidents’ Cup IV 2010

Subsequent to the UCD Novice IV, the Literary and Historical Society of the University College of Dublin hosts the UCD Vice Presidents’ Cup 2010 from 29 to 30 October. Registration opened on 25 August already, but the team cap of 100 teams is not yet filled. To register, fill out this form. Registration costs 75 Euros per team, while a discount of half the price is available for ESL teams. The conveners guarantee five preliminary rounds of quality debating, a break to quarters and ESL break to semis. In addition to that, they promise crash for all international teams and ...
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UCD Novice IV 2010

The Literary and Historical Society of the University College of Dublin invites to the UCD Novice IV 2010 which will be staged on 28 October. The conveners do not only promise three preliminary rounds, five-minute speeches and break to final, but also awesome motions. On top of that, they are working on increasing the team cap (of now 28 teams). Since the team cap is filled by now, you may still register using this form – you will be added to a waiting list. Chief adjudicator is Gregg O'Neill, Worlds Masters Winner and Top Irish Speaker at Euros and Worlds ...
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Reutlingen beim DCU Open

Während sich mehrere VDCH-Clubs in London bei den London Australs vergnügten, wagte sich der Noch-nicht-VDCH-Club aus Reutlingen erstmals auf ein englischsprachiges internationales Turnier - ganze vier BPS-Teams konnte der junge Club nach Irland entsenden. ...
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