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Mannheim wins EBS Open

Last weekend, the first EBS Open organized by Bhavesh Agarval took place in Wiesbaden. There were only 16 teams due to the fact that a lot of teams canceled only a few days before the tournament. However, all participants were happy with the small EBS Open! Chief Adjudicators were Marietta Gädeke and Michael Shapira. Motions: R1: THW make EU voting compulsory. R2: You are a 19 year old boy who just finished his Abitur. As this boy, THW join the Bundeswehr (an infoslide was provided). R3: THW ban private Universities. R4: THW grant all Ethnic Germans a full Right of Return (an infoslide was provided as ...
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EBS Open 2013

EBS Open 2013The Debating society of the European Business School (EBS), EBS Communicate,will host their fist tournament this year. The EBS Open 2013 will be held in Wiesbaden October 11th - 13th. The Team-Cap is 36 teams, with an insitution-cap of three teams per institution. N-1 will apply, though EBS Communicate encourages aditional judges. The Reg-Fee is 15 Euro and covers meals, socials and a workshop. Crash will be provided if required. The tournament has four preliminary rounds with break to semis. Michael Shapira and Marietta Gädeke will be serving as CAs. Teams can register here, adjudicators find the registration form here. Please check ...
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MDD 2012: Tobias Kube awarded best junior speaker

Tobias Kube from Marburg was awarded best junior speaker at this year's German language debating championship (Meisterschaft im deutschsprachigen Debattieren or MDD) in Vienna. This award is a cup engraved with the names of all former laureates. It is assigned by the German alumni debating society DDG (short for Deutsche Debattiergesellschaft) since 2004. Please learn more about DDG's committment in the MDD in the German version of this article. apf
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