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The winners of Dutch WUDC 2017

The winners of Dutch WUDC 2017After nine preliminary rounds, two days of elimination rounds and three finals, the winners of this years WUDC have been determined. [caption id="attachment_30874" align="alignright" width="302"] EFL Champions 2017: Belgrade C ©DutchWUDC[/caption] In the EFL Final, Belgrade C (Miloš Marjanović, Teodora Rešetar) took the win via unanimous decision against BINUS A (Stella Emada Bestio, Willem Chua) in Opening Government, SKT A (Konrad Gütschow, Philipp Schirmer) in Opening Opposition and SUFE B (Jinting Liu, Miranda Shen Yan) in Closing Government on the motion "THBT the European left should promote a hard left agenda, including the nationalisation of major industry, very high tax rates on the ...
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Dutch WUDC 2017

Dutch WUDC 2017From December 27th to January 4th the WUDC, the world's largest debating tournament, takes place in The Hague in the Netherlands. As with most international tournaments, debates will be held in British Parliamentary Style and in English. The CA team consists of Syed Saddiq, Karin Merckens, Hyewon Rho, Michael Dunn Goekjian, Omer Nevo, Jodie O'Neill, Veenu Goswami, Yashodhan Nair and Ingrid Rodríguez. Bionda Merckens is the equity officer; Andrea Bos is in charge of language-related topics. Any questions can be directed to Overview: Date: December 27th - January 4th Conveners: Bionda Merckens, Andrea Bos Accommodation: Holiday houses Registration: Closed Registration ...
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