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Judging Seminar in Magdeburg

Judging Seminar in MagdeburgThe Debattierclub Magdeburg announced to host the first English judging seminar in Magdeburg. On Saturday, November 22, the participants will have one day of workshops and training. It will focus on how to arrive at a just call with the panel and how to justify it before the speakers. The workshop will be held by Rebecca Irvine and is aimed at debaters with little judging experience (knowledge of the rules of the British Parliamentary Style is assumed, but not much active judging experience is required). Felicia Hoer wrote that there are ten spots for members from other societies. If necessary, the ...
Nov 13th, 2014 | By | Category: international, Jurieren, News of debating clubs, Termine | Comments Off on Judging Seminar in Magdeburg

Novice Tournament in Magdeburg

Novice Tournament in MagdeburgOn the 5th of April, the Debating Society Magdeburg launches their first English speaking novice tournament. For the organisers of the tournament, Felicia Höer and Stefan Torges, this is a large step to establish and facilitate English debating in Germany. "Here in Germany, beginners in English debating have a hard time to get a foot in the door. Most tournaments are far away and quite expensive", Stefan says. Hence, they decided to make a tournament on their own: "We have a lot of English speaking novices in our society and so we thought we could do them a favour and ...
Feb 6th, 2014 | By | Category: international, News of debating clubs, Termine, Turniere | Comments Off on Novice Tournament in Magdeburg

Neuer Vorstand in Magdeburg

May 20th, 2012 | By | Category: News of debating clubs | Comments Off on Neuer Vorstand in Magdeburg

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