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Split Union Open 2012

Debating goes to the Croatian Adriatic: from May 18 to 20, the Split Debating Union invites to the Split Union Open. Chief adjudicators are Jeroen Heun (ESL EUDC finalist 2011), Rabejaona Setry Randriamananoro Rola and Luka Keller. The prelim speeches are going to be five minutes long, in the semis and the final you are going to have seven minutes. Registration has already opened for teams and adjucators separately, team cap is 32 teams while n-1 applies. Reg fee is €40 per person. To stay up-to-date, visit the Faceboook page of the Split Union Open. If you have any other questions, please ...
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Two weddings and no funerals: the Split Open final

Thank God there were only two weddings. Had there been four, we would also have had a funeral. Branka Marusic Usually, we like to define debating as the activity that empowers people to speak up, make an argument and try to change the world to the better. At the very least, we are all familiar with the concept of being able to argue any subject on both sides, regardless of our personal taste, and through that experience be able to tolerate other opinions, try and integrate different perspectives into a better version of 'truth' or - at the very least - be able ...
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Split Union Open 2011

Debating by the beautiful Croatian Adria – offered at the Split Union Open from May 13 to 15. But there’s not only the sea, no! There is more: Four prelims with five-minute speeches and a break to finals with seven-minute speeches. While the preliminary rounds will be staged at the law faculty of Split, the final will be held on Peristil, a place where the Roman emperor Diocletian greeted his subjects in late 3rd, early 4th century. Not only will there be ancient history, but also the present and the future – the chief adjudicating team comprises some of the finest ...
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WUDC 2013: Updates from Berlin and Zagreb

The day of reckoning is near - on New Year's Day, the WUDC Council is going to sit in Gaborone, Botswana, and decide over who will be hosting the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC, or Worlds) in 2013. So far, two candidates from Europe bid for Worlds 2013: Berlin and Zagreb. The OrgComm from Berlin Debating Union (BDU) started their PR tour in mid-November. Therefore, they made a video that shows the strong will of Berlin for peaceful freedom and her inhabitants' penchant for big words such as in JFK's "Ich bin ein Berliner." According to the video, when it comes ...
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Let’s go to the Balkans! Zagreb Open 2010

Let's go to the Balkans! Zagreb Open 2010Combining pleasant things with even more pleasant things - that is what Eva Schlindwein (Debattiergesellschaft Jena) experienced when she travelled to the Balkans for the Zagreb Open 2010. Read more on that in the German version of this article. ...
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Zagreb bids for Worlds 2013

Zagreb bids for Worlds 2013Competition for Berlin: The Croatian capital Zagreb bids for the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC, a.k.a. Worlds) 2013. The organizational committee under the aegis of Petar Bezjak advertises their unlimited team cap on their homepage. And debaters will be delighted to see that the Croatians already announced their experienced chief adjudicator: Jonathan Leader Maynard, just recently chief adjudicator of this year’s Euros in Amsterdam, on top of that two-times Worlds finalist (Koç 2010 and Cork 2009) plus EUDC champion (Newcastle 2009). Jonathan promises: “I believe it is vital to do a lot of work to ensure that motions are fair ...
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Zagreb Open 2010

Zagreb Open 2010Hrvatsko Debatno Društvo -that is Croatian and means Croatian Debating Society. They are the convenors of the Zagreb Open on 10 and 11 December in the Croatian capital. Format will be British Parliamentary Style (BPS), there will be four prelims with five-minute speeches and a break to semis and finals. Chief adjudicator is Branka Marušić, Worlds finalist in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) in 2009 and 2010. Her deputy is going to be Filip Muki Dobranić, quarter-finalist in ESL (English a a second language) of this year's Worlds and European Champion and Best Speaker (ESL) at Amsterdam's Euros 2010. Fees ...
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European Debating League created in Split

The European Debating League (EDL) was created by the representatives of ten European countries at a meeting in Split, Croatia. Teams from all over Europe are invited to compete at EDL tournaments that will be held in the British Parliamentary Style (BPS). The first official season will start in the academic year 2011/2012. But already in the current academic year 2010/2011 a test season will be run. The countries present via Sykpe or physically were Austria (Rosi Halmi), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Vedran Arapovic), Croatia (Julia Mikic), Germany (Marcus Ewald), Greece (Manos Moschopoulos) Latvia (Robert Bernans), Macedonia (Georgi Velkoski), Serbia (Milan Vignevic), ...
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Split Open 2010

Debating at the Balkans, just by the Croatian Riviera – you’ll find that and more at the Split Open from 29 to 31 October 2010. Together with other conveners, the Split Open hosts aim at establishing the European Continental Debate League (ECDL) which will culminate in a master tournament by the end of the academic year next summer. Therefore, ECDL delegates from participating countries will meet at Split Friday afternoon. The tournament will start Saturday morning with the first of five preliminary rounds. But the socials Friday night are already part of the event since the conveners promise to stage an ...
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Split Open 2010

Debattieren an der Adriaküste! Das Split Open 2010 lädt in die heimliche Hauptstadt Dalmatiens. Beim Split Open 2010 gilt es, vier Vorrunden mit fünfminütigen Reden zu bestreiten um schließlich im großen Finale sieben Minuten lang zu glänzen - wenn man denn zu den besten Rednern des Turniers gehört. Am Pfingstwochenende, an dem das Turnier am 22. und 23. Mai stattfindet, hat auch noch den Vorteil, dass man entspannt bis zum Pfingstmontag bleiben und Stadt und Meer genießen kann.Samstagfrüh um 9 geht's los, das Turnier ist am späten Sonntagnachmittag beendet. Turniersprache ist ...
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