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Oxford wins Leiden Open

Oxford wins Leiden Open[caption id="attachment_35192" align="alignright" width="400"] Tin Puljić, top speaker of the Leiden Open - © Marina Kojić[/caption] The team Oxford Traitors A (Gigi Gil, Tommy Peto; Oxford) has won the final of the Leiden Open 2019. Out of Opening Opposition, they defeated the Opening Government ESL justice warriors (Jure Hederih, Sarah Brdnik; Oxford/Edinburgh), the Closing Government Yugoslavia A (Tin Puljić, Miloš Marjanović; Zagreb/Belgrade) and the Closing Opposition British Manufacturing Jobs - Coming to a Country Near You (Duncan Crowe, Sheraz Qureshi; Alumni). The motion read "This house believes that 'Dulce et Decorum Est pro Patria Mori' (i.e. the belief that it is sweet ...
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Spotlight: Teams that made the break

Spotlight: Teams that made the breakBefore the break we asked seasoned veterans for their background and strategies - now the time has come to talk with some of this year's most successful teams. In this article you will find: James Penn and James Rankin, Auckland A Lisa Schallenberg, Leiden C James Penn and James Rankin, Auckland A [caption id="attachment_30968" align="alignright" width="400"] James Penn and James Rankin - © private[/caption] James and James ranked third in the EPL break. They are debaters from Auckland, New Zealand. The interview was conducted by Lennart Lokstein. AM: Hey guys! Congratulations to your break. Did you party a lot? JP: Yeah, too much. Felt it this ...
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Leiden Open 2015

Leiden Open 2015For the eleventh time, the Leiden Debating Union will host the Leiden Open. The tournament will last from February 28 to March 1 and features five preliminary rounds and breaks into semi-finals as well as a novice final. The tournament will be on Saturday and Sunday, but there will be a social on Friday night. A detailed schedule will be announced soon on the tournament’s facebook event. There will be one Chief Adjudicator (CA) with three Deputy Chief Adjudicators (DCAs): CA Daan Welling won last year’s Leiden Open and was a finalist at the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC) in Berlin 2013. ...
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Be classy and suit up: The Lustrum Leiden Open 2014

Be classy and suit up: The Lustrum Leiden Open 2014Ruairidh Macintosh and Daan Welling from Leiden/St Andrews won the Lustrum Leiden Open 2014. The team with the name “Two Guys” beat 57 other teams from all over the world who attended the Dutch tournament. The decision was very narrow: The judging panel took very long to come to a conclusion, in the end favouring “Two Guys” in a 4-3 split decision. Ruairidh also was the best speaker after the five preliminary rounds, scoring 81.8 points on average and remarkable 89 points in the fifth round. The full team and speaker tab is available online. Martijn Otten, Lisa Schallenberg and Gigi ...
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Debates, Trains, Bicycles – Dutch Open 2012

Assume you receive an email on a Monday at about 1am offering you a team slot at a good tournament in the Netherlands, which starts off 4 days later. What would you do? The correct answer is looking up a flight of course. At for Melanie Sindelar and Stefan Zweiker who confirmed the slot immediately and thus hopped over to the Dutch Debating Open in Leiden, Netherlands (30th to 31st March 2012). Whether the trip was worth the flight and how Dutch the Dutch Debating Open really were can be read in this article. Debates. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Later Winner Arielle Dundas ...
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Wo der Bär steppt – Manuel Adams über das Berlin Humboldt IV 2011

Wo der Bär steppt – Manuel Adams über das Berlin Humboldt IV 2011 Mixing cocktails, strolling through Berlin, the German women football team losing to Japan, prospective Worlds and Euros convenors beating each other in distributing their giveaways ... All that and much more is the Berlin IV. Find here the motions, the break to (semi-)finals and the tab! And read the German version of this article to learn more about how Manuel Adams saw the Berlin IV or what it is called these days. The motions: [caption id="attachment_10365" align="alignright" width="226" caption="Convenor Dessislava Kirova talking to a participant of the Berlin IV.  (Picture: Manuel Adams)"][/caption] 1. Vorrunde: This house would financially incentivise parents to have two ...
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