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Debating at WUDC 2015: The VDCH-Teams

Debating at WUDC 2015: The VDCH-Teams Yesterday the 35th World University Debating Championships were officially started by the grand Opening Ceremony. The German speaking debating circuit is represented by a strong delegation this year. Seven members of the VDCH – the Association of German Speaking University Debating Societies are comprised of ten teams and ten adjudicators. Debating societies Berlin Debating Union (BDU, Berlin), Debattierclub Goethes Faust Frankfurt (Frankfurt), Debattierclub Kiel, Debattierclub München (Munich), Debattierclub Münster, Wortgefechte Potsdam, Debattierklub Wien (Vienna). [caption id="attachment_25445" align="alignright" width="400"] The Opening Ceremony. © 2014 Matthias Carcasona[/caption] Debate teams BDU A: Philip Schröder, Christina Dexel BDU B: Lilian Seffer, Alexander Hans BDU C: Pegah Maham, Christof Kebschull Frankfurt A: Andreas Dreher, Sven Schuppener Kiel ...
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New executive in Berlin

The Berlin Debating Union (BDU) has elected a new executive board: Niels Schröter is the new president. He is supported by Bruno Davids (treasurer) and Julian Ohm, Christina Dexel and Marijana Todorović. They follow Dessislava Kirova (president) and Juliane Mendelsohn (treasurer), Kai Dittmann, John-Thomas Eltringham and Juliane Zeuschner. apf
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MDD 2012: Break to semis

68 teams, seven prelims and a quarters round make up for semis in Vienna. The following eight teams made it to semis of the German language debating championship (Meisterschaft im deutschsprachigen Debattieren or MDD): Berlin Stadt im Norden (Annette Kirste, Julian Ohm) Mainz Anton (Andrea Gau, Daniil Pakhomenko) Stuttgart CNC (Michael Saliba, Igor Gilitschenski) Berlin Flauschpfote (Hauke Blume, Niels Schröter) MS Hamburg Loki (Kira Lancker, Barbara Schunicht) Berlin HS (Johannes Häger, Georg Sommerfeld) Berlin Babes Bolay (Dessislava Kirova, Juliane Mendelsohn) München Alpha (Valerio Morelli, Marco Witzmann) (This is not a ranking. ) Learn more about MDD in the German version of this article and follow us on Facebook and Twitter ...
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Studentischer Streit im Bundesrat: München und Berlin debattieren beim Tag der offenen Tür

Blick in den Bundesrat zur Eröffnung des Tag der offenen Tür: Insgesamt 16.000 Besucher folgten der Einladung und besuchten des Bundesrat über den ganzen Tag, Foto (C) Bundesrat 2012 
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Hamburg wins Berlin Punk 2012

Barbara Schunicht und Julian haben das erste Turnier des Jahres 2012 gewonnen, das Berliner Punk-Turnier. (Foto: Philipp Stiel) Julian Ohm and Barbara Schunicht from Debattierclub Hamburg won the Berlin Punk 2012. They defeated Andreas Lazar and Roxanna Noll from Debattierclub Stuttgart and two teams from Berlin Debating Union: Jonas Werner and Katja Krüger aswell as Christina Dexel and Lilian Seffer. The final motion read “Dieses Haus glaubt, dass Menschenversuche Richtern als Strafmaß zur Verfügung stehen sollten.“ ...
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Hamburg Seeks for Regional Champion / How Neighborly Help Work

Please read the German version of this article to learn more on how the Hamburg Debating Society seeks for their club champion. ...
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Worlds as a media coup / Manuel Adams and Annette Kirste talk to Achte Minute

Worlds as a media coup / Manuel Adams and Annette Kirste talk to Achte Minute“Embracing Dissent“ is the motto of the WUDC Berlin 2013 – “We believe this reflects the enlightening and liberating clash of ideas that shaped European and German history - and, of course, what makes debate relevant and exciting”, the Facebook site of WUDC Berlin 2013 announced. No doubt, there is a natural dissent between the fractions of a parliamentary debate. Yet, there might also be dissent during the preparatory phase of the World Universities Debating Championships (WUDC or Worlds), for instance in a heated debate about the motto. However, consent was the motto when now WUDC convenor Patrick Ehmann travelled the ...
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Retrospection on Berlin Invitational and Punk 2011

Retrospection on Berlin Invitational and Punk 2011 We’re sorry, this article is not or not yet available in English. Please read the German version.
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Controversial Masters’ Debate in Berlin

Reaching a broad public, debating controversial social topics, provoke thoughts – that’s the idea behind the Masters’ Debate. In this way the Berlin Debating Union (BDU) wants to perform its sociopolitical role. Furthermore the members of BDU want to show what is possible in a really good debate and that even difficult, controversial and contra intuitive motions can be discussed in a reasonable, ambitious and entertaining way. So early December's motion was a heavy one: “This house would allow disabled parents (in countries where pre-implantation diagnostics are allowed) to choose embryos with the same disability.” The Opening Government with Annette Kirste and ...
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Berlin wins Santa Claus Tournament in Münster

Georg Sommerfeld and Johannes Häger won for the Berlin Debating Union the Santa Claus Tournament in Münster.
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Jaywalking – Kick-off event in Berlin

Tuesday, 26th November, the Berlin Debating Union (BDU) opened the new debating semester with the motion "This House would jaywalk“. About 60 guests were curious about the topic and were able to join an exciting debate about the borders of citizens duties. On the side of the Government, Julian Ohm (finalist North-German Championships 2010), Jonas Werner (German Champion 2009) and Johannes Häger (semi-finalist SOAS IV 2010) were stating that a responsible handling of governmental rules also implies to trespass them in particular cases. Only in this way can a healthy relationship to the governmental power be created and the citizens are ...
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Regios Nachlese 1

Die Presse berichtet, die Clubs erzählen. Hier schon ein paar Stimmen zu den VDCH-Regionalmeisterschaften 2010. "Der Westen", das Internetportal der WAZ-Mediengruppe, berichtet über die Westdeutsche Meisterschaft (WDM) und das Debattieren an sich. Der Journalist Thomas Mader hat sich bei der WDM eine Vorrunde angeschaut. In dem Artikel "Reden ist Gold bei der Debattiermeisterschaft" schreibt er: "Das sind merkwürdige Studenten, hier an der Dortmunder Uni: Sie siezen sich und sagen Sachen wie: 'Aber mein Herr ... Sie haben doch gerade ausgeführt … Ist es nicht so … da fehlen mir die Worte …' Man achte auf ihre rechte Hand, wie sie in bester ...
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