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EUDC 2018 results: Tel Aviv win both finals

EUDC 2018 results: Tel Aviv win both finalsThe Novi Sad EUDC, lasting 30.07.-05.08.18, came to an impressive conclusion: Teams from Tel Aviv won both the ESL (English as a Second Language) and the Open final! The ESL dominance continued with - originally Mexican - debater Lucía Arce, starting for Sheffield, being both top speaker in ESL and in total. Read more about the constellations, teams, speakers, judges and motions below. ...
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WUDC council 2018: Resolution summary

WUDC council 2018: Resolution summaryDuring this year's WUDC in Mexico the council met once again, discussing a series of changes. Editor Jan-Gunther Gosselke was live at the meeting and summarised the most relevant results. ...
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