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Zagreb wins Doxbridge III

Zagreb wins Doxbridge IIIThe Final of Doxbridge III: Return of the King was won by They're taking the ballots to Bidengard (Tin Puljić, Lovro Šprem; Zagreb) in Opening Government, speaking against Runner Up Maternal Damnation (Srishti Krishnamoorthy-Cavell, Tudor Musat; Cambridge) in Opening Opposition, Belgrade MD (Janko Đorđević, Miloš Marjanović) in Closing Government, and Yale QE (David Edimo, Eva-Marie Quinones). The debate on the motion " was judged by Aisling Tully as chair together with Hadar Goldberg, Jason Xiao, Kit Mercer, Lucie Slamova, Niki Linganur and Uphie Abdurrahman. Fitting the tournament theme, the final motion read "Assuming the One Ring has been destroyed and Sauron defeated, TH, as a Hobbit, ...
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Princeton wins USUDC

Princeton wins USUDCPrinceton 1 (Greg Weaving, Xiao-Ke Lu) in Opening Opposition has won the Open category of the United States University Debating Championships 2020. Speaking against them were Chicago 1 (Devesh Kodnani, Brian Li) in Opening Government, Princeton 2 (Shreyas Kumar, Preston Johnson) in Closing Government, and Chicago 2 (Jaewon Park, Jay Gibbs) in Closing Opposition. They spoke on the motion "THBT it is in the interest of the US to take measures to significantly reduce its economic ties and connections with China (e.g. reducing investment and redirecting trade, and shifting away from yuan in its reserve currency basket)". Chairing the adjudication ...
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TCD Hist wins KCL Online Debate Open

TCD Hist wins KCL Online Debate Open The team TCD Hist (Caoimhin Hamill, Jack Synnott) has emerged victorious in the Grand Final of the KCL Online Open 2020, speaking from OG on the motion "THP to be alone in the universe." Against them were левый коронный (Milla Huuskonen, Muhktar Tashkenbayev) in Opening Opposition, LSE A (Ciara Mitchell, Hamza Tariq Chaudhry) in Closing Government, and Persistent Pufferfish (Naomi Panovka, Xiao-Ke Lu) in Closing Opposition. The adjudication panel consisted of Neo Way Shen (chair), Dani Georgiev, Ife Grillo, Jacklin Kwan and Marta Vasić. The ESL Final was won by Amsterdam A (Marike Breed, Nikola Michaylov) in Opening Opposition on the motion ...
Jul 30th, 2020 | By | Category: International, News of debating clubs, Turniere | Comments Off on TCD Hist wins KCL Online Debate Open

WUDC 2018 – The Break

WUDC 2018 - The BreakOnce again the anglophone World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) took place during the turn of the year. This year's location was Mexico City. The tournament started the 27.12.17 and ended the 04.01.18. After nine preliminary rounds the teams breaking to the outrounds were announced on New Year's Eve. At the WUDC, teams participate classified as one of three language categories: EPL (English as a Proficient Language), ESL (English as a Second Language) and EFL (English as a Foreign Language). EPL-classified teams can only participate in the Open Break, ESL-teams depending on their ranking either in the Open Break oder the ...
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Kazan wins Moscow Open

Kazan wins Moscow Open[caption id="attachment_33181" align="alignright" width="400"] F.l.t.r.: The winners of Moscow Open Maxim Raschupkin and Mikhail Shuganov together with final judges Anna Akimova, Harish Natarajan, Monica Forman and Raffy Marshall - © Yaroslav Elistratov[/caption] The team Varvara (Maxim Raschupkin, Mikhail Shuganov) from Kazan has won the final of the Moscow Open 2017 from Opening Government on the Motion "THBT democratic states should ban and block all media outlets believed to undermine democratic values". They defeated Pink Ponies (Alexey Nogovitsin, Danil Kustin) in Opening Opposition, SUFE A (Yan Shen, Qiyu Lin) in Closing Government and 2 genders 1 cup (Ekaterina Bogma, Nikola Serafimov) in ...
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USA Red wins EurOpen World Schools tournament

USA Red wins EurOpen World Schools tournament[caption id="attachment_33120" align="alignright" width="400"] USA Red, the winner of the tournament - © EurOpen[/caption] The EurOpen 2017 (taking place 9.11.-15.11.) was won by USA Red (Ella Michaels, Piper Doyle, Emily Grantham) from Opposition on the motion "THBT capitalism does more harm than good for women’s liberation". The final was judged by Anna England Kerr as chair together with Miha Andrič, Tracey Lee, Bedrich Bluma, Klaus-Peter Heil, Ann-Sophie Zeipekkis and  Devin van den Berg. Best speaker of the tournament was Samuel Wooddell from American Logos Glacier with an average of 73.13. Best ESL speaker was Brian Li from SAS China with an average of 72.35 speaker points. EurOpen is an annual World Schools ...
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