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Zagreb EUDC 2014 – Open and ESL break

Zagreb EUDC 2014 - Open and ESL breakThe break of the European Universities Debating Championship 2014 in Zagreb has been announced. The following teams will compete in the out-rounds on the 22nd of August (data might be inaccurate): Open Break 23: Cambridge C 22: Oxford B 21: Cambridge B 21: Oxford A 21: GUU A 20: Cambridge A 20: Oxford C 19: Edinburgh A 19: LSE A 19: Sheffield A 19: Durham B 19: KCL A 19: Hebrew A 19: Nottingham A 19: Durham C 18: BPP A ESL Break 19: Hebrew A 18; Belgrade B 18: Lund A 18: Tartu A 18: Berlin A 17: Tel Aviv B 17: Leiden A 17: Bucharest A 17: BBU A 17: Tilbury House A 17: Mannheim A 17: ELTE A 17 BGU A 16: Belgrade A 16: Tel Aviv A 16: tie of ...
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Roosevelt Open

Roosevelt OpenOn October 11 and 12 the Roosevelt Debating Society hosted the second edition of the Roosevelt Open. The tournament was held in lovely Middelburg, all the way in the south-west corner of the Netherlands. Among the VDCH-speaker were Stefan Torges, Madlen Stottmeyer, Leonard Muenstermann, Moritz Justen, Kai Dittmann, Jan-Dirk Capelle and Christopher Kroesmann. The tournament was won by Anne Valkering and Rogier Baart. Unfortuantly no VDCH-teams were in the break rounds, but the individual results of the teams and speaker can be found in the individual Speaker Tab and Team Tab. Motions R1: This House would no longer arrest or prosecute ...
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A trip to Maastricht and Brussels with Debate Changing Europe

A trip to Maastricht and Brussels with Debate Changing Europe[caption id="" align="alignright" width="400"] ( Photo by Anne Valkering)[/caption] Achte Minute reported about the Debate Changing Europe programm. Now the winners and organisers of the six tournemantes, including ZEIT Debatte Aaachen and Vienna IVs went on a trip to Maastricht and Brussels. Anne Valkering went with them.  Thirty students from several European countries convened in Maastricht under the banner of Debate changing Europe from June 2 to 6. The Common European Event aimed to increase their understanding of the inner workings of the European Union. They met up with people working on the ground in Brussels and discussed the topic of youth employment and how ...
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The International Debate Education Association

The International Debate Education Association[caption id="attachment_15655" align="alignright" width="267"] (Photo by Ton Zonneveldt)[/caption] Anne Valkering is a former debater and well known figure in the Debate circle. For Achte Minute she writes about IDEA- the International Debate Education Association. Anne is a program officer and develops projects like Debate changing Europe  does fundraising, implements and coordinates them. What is IDEA? The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) aims to bring debate to places where it is not practiced. IDEA develops, organises and promotes debate and debate-related activities in communities throughout the world to promote civic engagement, focused on young people between 15 and 25. IDEA was created out of the Open Society ...
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Register now for the ZEIT DEBATTE Aachen

The fourth tournament of the famous “ZEIT-DEBATTEN” series will be held in Aachen form May, 10th till May, 12th. The RTWH Aachen Debating Society will host the last German language BP tournament before the German National Championships. This tournament is part of the “Debate Changing Europe” series, giving it an international touch. For the first time in German debating history non-native German language speakers are explicitly encouraged to participate. The tournament will be held in Worlds/BP-Style. Over the course of three days there will be 6 preliminary rounds, semifinals, a Grand Final, and a “German as Foreign Language” final (depending on ...
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In der Übersicht: die ZEIT DEBATTEN der Saison 2012/2013

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